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Deported Sheikh Declares a "Jihad" Against Europeans in Africa
By SITE Institute
Published in: As-Sharq Al-Awsat
January 28, 2004

Sheikh Abdul Qader Fadlallah Mamour, who was deported from Italy to his native Senegal for security concerns and his vocal support of Osama bin Laden, is promising new terrorist attacks against European targets in Africa. Interviewed in the London Arabic daily, As-Sharq Al-Awsat, Mamour claims he commands a formidable army and has met with bin Laden several times in the 1990s. The following is a bulleted summary of the original Arabic article, which can be read in its entirety at,01,28,214973.html or by clicking,01,28,214973.html


?Sheikh from Senegal, Expelled by Italy, Declares Jihad on Europeans in Africa?
As-Sharq Al-Awsat
January 28, 2004
London, Muhamad A-Shaf?i

??Sheikh Abdul Qader Fadlallah Mamour, 39 years of age, who was expelled last November by Italy back to his native country, Senegal, declared what he described as Jihad against Europeans in Africa.?

??Mamour stated, in a phone call with As-Sharq Al-Awsat, that he has under his command 9,000 Africans from Senegal, Mauritania, Morocco and neighboring African countries, who are prepared to what he described as carrying out Jihad operations against the Europeans, who he accused for stealing the resources of his country.?

?In a former interview, Mamour revealed to A-Sharq Al-Awsat that he had met with Osama bin Laden three times between 1993 and 1996.

?In his sermons, Mamour says that in his Friday sermons, he focuses on Jihad against the ?European oppressors? - i.e. bank directors, businessmen and brokers - who come to Africa and steal, attack and fornicate with African girls in the tourist districts. The title of his last sermon was ?Loving death and hating this world.?

?Mamour said that despite the fact that 95% of the Muslim population in Senegal is Sufi, he found a good base in Senegal for the call to Jihad, due to the fact that 2% are Sunni. Furthermore, Mamour said that also many Sufis were beginning to accept his ideas.

?Mamour said that he was not afraid of going to prison, but that his followers were protecting him around the clock.

?He denied that his lawyer in Italy had begun legal proceedings in order to enable his return to Italy, from which he had been expelled after having made statements supporting Bin Laden. He said, ?Allah has graciously enabled me to leave ?Dar Al-Kifar? and to enter ?Dar Al-Islam.? The people here in Senegal listen to me and follow my words. They come from a distance of 200 or 300 kilometers in order to attend my Friday sermons in my mosque in the center of Dakar. How can I dislike this? It is [a manifestation of] Allah?s graciousness.?

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