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Online Manual Details Strategies and Tactics of Guerilla Warfare
By SITE Institute
March 17, 2005

A manual entitled ?Guerilla Warfare? was posted on various jihadist message boards in the last few days, which provides detailed instructions for carrying out guerilla warfare. The 12-page manual includes guerilla strategy, organizational guidelines, ambush tactics, and attack ideas. Throughout ?Guerilla Warfare? lessons taught by Mao Tse Tung and Che Guevara and lessons learned in the Vietnam War and the Algerian War are revisited.

The handbook is part of the ?Jihad Preparation Series?, which aims to ?analyze the ways these wars are fought and how one can prepare for them? and includes ?the strategy, the tactics of how you execute operations, the technology which affects your capacity to carry out operation, and the planning which is the utilization of the three previous strategies.?

Ambush squads, according to the instructions, are divided into four groups and ?one group starts engaging the enemy. When one of the other groups attacks, they withdraw and in the same time as the second group withdraws another attacks. The four groups will rotate attacking and withdrawing until the enemy falls.?

Guidelines for training are discussed as well: ?Guerillas do not train on one method only, but they are trained according to the expected tasks, and each one of them has his own role. Some (guerillas) are trained to initiate violence, some are trained to kill, while others are trained to help friendly troops (sympathizers) taking part in the war, and finally others are trained to perform administrative tasks such as transporting information and orders, or handling medical emergencies.?

The manual explains that the preparation for a guerrilla war is the most important, describing: ?Guerilla warfare needs a special kind of preparation. We start with a group of people who have the same ideas and who have no other capacity to enforce their views on others. So these people start from point zero preparing armed groups, preparing the local inhabitants, and preparing the geographic environment. More than that, they need to have at least arms, ammunition, and supplies.?

A translation of the select portions from the manual are provided to our Intel Service members.

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