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Salafi Group for Call and Combat (GSPC) Released a Video Message by its Emir Calling for Jihad Against the Americans and the Arab Rulers in Response to the Arab Summit
By SITE Institute
March 22, 2005

Abu Musab Abdel Wadood, the emir (prince) of the the Salafi Group for Call and Combat (GSPC) released a video message on March 21, 2005 denouncing the United States and its ?tool?, the Arab rulers in response to the Arab Summit taking place this week in Algiers, Algeria.

Describing the Arab League as an American tool, Abdel Wadood states that ?the Salafi Group for Call and Combat, as it is clear, urges the Muslims to materialize…the Tawhid belief (monotheism), by supporting the mujahideen everywhere and by rejecting those converted regimes, in which its leaders chose to take sides with the cross under the American shoes.?

Calling for a military conflict, Abdel Wadood concludes that ?the only choice for our nation today is jihad, urging people to resist and to be consistent, and urging people to fight and to sacrifice more blood and bodies…turn desperation and anger into jihad operation which hurts the enemies.?

In addition, the emir promises the defeat of the Arab countries and the United States saying: ?You converted rulers: who fight Allah will be defeated, you have chosen very clearly that you stand with America against the interests of your people…We remind you that Allah is greater than America and will destroy it and all its failures and its rulers. With our mighty powers, and the oppressed nation, in spite of its wounds and pains, we?re crawling steadily to take revenge for the bloodshed of its sons the mujahideen which you offered as a sacrifice to America.?

The emir of the GSPC expresses solidarity with the world?s top terrorists and blesses bin Laden, Zawahiri, Zarqawi, Mullah Omar, and all ?of the lions (mujahideen) in Chechnya [and] to the brave lions and knights in the battlefields in the Arab lands, to all the patient mujahideen everywhere.?

A full translation of the statement from the video and the video itself are provided to our Intel Service members.

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