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Japanese Targeted in Sawt Al-Jihad
By SITE Institute
Published in: Sawt Al-Jihad
April 9, 2004

With the capture of three Japanese civilians in Iraq by a group calling itself the ?Mujahideen Brigades?, the thirteenth issue of al-Qaeda?s online publication, Sawt Al-Jihad, takes on new relevance. In the following translation of one of the articles in the magazine, an individual calling himself Mohmmad Bin Ahmad Salem notifying the mujahideen of the Japanese military presence in Kuwait, and exhorting them to ?Fight for God, and be mobilized for the Jihad, individually as well as in groups.? The full translation of the article is below.

SAWT AL JIHAD - Issue No. 13, 03-29-04

People of Kuwait...
by Mohmmad Bin Ahmad Salem

I have witnessed, as others have, convoys of Japanese soldiers arriving in Kuwait, to conquer the Muslim Iraqi land. I have also witnessed American soldiers being medically evacuated to Kuwait, and America using Kuwait as a huge military base to supply Iraq and the Crusaders with all their needs..!!

This is something that we see throughout the Gulf and the Arab Peninsula, where the United States - allegedly - is running its war on terror. Its operations are run from Sultan?s base in Al Khorj by air, from Bahrain by sea, and from Qatar and Kuwait .. by land.

It is sad not to see any resistance or Jihad against this aggression, nor protests against this colonization, especially from the Gulf population (Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Emirates and Oman).

Now, one year later, we are seeing the country of ?Al Haramain? at war with the Crusaders and ?their ears? from Al Saloul [meant as an insult to the Saudi royal family], and the Yemeni people constantly fighting the ?agent? Yemeni forces that are supported by the British and American forces.

The Gulf however, is in absolute calmness, as though they have accepted to live in humiliation, like it is none of their concern. If this is not the case, where are the Mujahideen in Kuwait, or the enthusiastic patriots in Bahrain, Qatar, and the Emirates? Were their brains distorted, and instincts obliterated? Or are conscientiousness and true faith gone?

People of Kuwait, I am specifically calling upon you: Revive the memory of Jassem Al Hajiri, and Anas Al Kundari, and Sami Al Matiri.. Attack the Americans in your country. Obstruct the crusades in which Mesopotamia is being conquered and converted. Kuwaitis in Iraq: Have God?s fear in your hearts, as His anger is too strong, and the disappearance of the Earth is easier on Him than shedding a Muslim blood.

People of Kuwait.. Becoming martyrs of your own will by killing Americans, is better than seeing your country and its wealth being used to serve the Cross.. While you are watching!!

Kuwaiti youth.. Where are you from Ma?ath Al Kuwaiti? Where are you from Sheikh Salem Bou Ghaith? And from other Kuwaiti heroes.. Do not accept humility in religion, be truthful to God and pick up your weapons. Declare war on the Crusaders, and their servants, for it is better to be in the deep Earth rather than on its surface should Islam vanish, and its territories be invaded, while we keep quiet and do nothing about it.

Kuwaiti youth.. Be truthful to God. Get up, for in your Jihad, the country will be rescued from the noose of the American occupation. With your Jihad, the Land will be purified from their rot and filth.. And in submission and negligence, may God replace you with other people who shall not be like you.

Kuwaiti youth.. We are praying to God to rest our eyes, and appease our chests with your operations, small or big, against the soldiers of the Cross: Americans, Brits, Japanese and other blaspheming tribes.

Shame on us to see blaspheming nations collaborate against Muslims and we don?t take any action, as if nothing was happening. Shame on us to see the hookers and prostitutes of the Cross fighting on our land, harming our people in Iraq, and terrifying our women and children, yet, we do nothing about the situation…!!

People of Kuwait.. Don?t be misguided by the deceitful power. Get your guidance from the Book, and from the Sunni believers who incite you to fight the enemies and expel them from the Muslim countries. Be reminded of what God said: Give yourself to God, and fight for Him. Incite the believers to fight, so that God may stop the blasphemers? strength, for God is stronger and more powerful.

Fight for God, and be mobilized for the Jihad, individually as well as in groups. Follow the steps of the true Mujahideen, and beware of hypocrites. I advise you to remove your shame and humiliation.. You shall remember my words, so help me God.

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