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Selected Translations of Audiotape from Al-Qaeda's Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi
By SITE Institute
Published in: SITE Institute
April 30, 2004

In a voice message released on Friday 4-30-2004, the Jordanian terrorist and one of Al Qaeda leaders Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi says that the Jordanian Intelligence?s claims about the Jordanian people being targeted, ?is a failing attempt to conceal the ugly side of the truth of the role of those establishments that planted their claws and canines in the hearts of Islam, torturing, displacing, killing, and detaining them, in order to protect the Jewish country and ensure its security, exactly as one of its officers told one of the Muslim lions in their prisons, making fun of him and mocking him by saying, ?Don?t you dream of liberating Jerusalem, as long as the Jordanian Intelligence exists??. He continues saying: ?These are words of truth spoken by a liar, a truth that is seen by everybody, and only unknown to the blind?.

Al-Zarqawi adds: ?The Jordanian Intelligence lied twice: Once when they claimed that we were preparing an attack against the people of Islam to kill innocent citizens, and a second time when they claimed that they prevented bloodshed of Muslims and preserved their lives. They did this to gain ground and protect their masters the Jews and Christians, while we would not dare to unjustly shed a drop of a Muslim blood. We would rather die for you and would sacrifice our souls for you, and shed our blood to defend Islam and its people. The superfluous numbers given, and what was mentioned about the bomb being chemical and capable of killing thousands of people is a pure lie. God knows that, should we - and we ask God to shortly empower us to - possess that kind of bomb, we would not hesitate one second to use it on Israeli cities such as Elat [port city near Sinai in southern Israel], Tel Aviv, and other cities. The components of that bomb were primary elements that are available on the market, as our Brother Azmi Al Jayyoussi - may God release him from his imprisonment - mentioned. As for the bomb being chemical and poisonous, that was an invention by the evil Jordanian Intelligence. The marks of torture are obvious on the hands and face of our Brother.?

He goes on saying: ?Yes the plan was to completely destroy the Jordanian Intelligence building. The operation was against the sources of black evil in our home. The operation was planned for the following reasons:

1. The Jordanian Government has publicly resorted to blasphemy, openly fought God and His Prophet by not following the Sharia? [Law], and went ahead of all other betraying Arab regimes in supporting prostitution and obeying every blaspheming enemy.

2. Jordan has been and still is a back base for supply of ammunitions and provisions to the American Army that is occupying Iraq. Jordan even was ahead of Kuwait in doing so, and is one of the main arteries in that field, assisting through an airline that goes all the way to the Kurdish airport in the North, operating out of Jordanian bases such as Assawafi, Al Mafraq, Marka, Al Jisr, and Al Azraq.

3. The Jordanian Intelligence has limited the sight, exhausted the hearing senses, and relentlessly chased the knights of Islam in all the Jihad arenas, until its prison was transformed into a real Arab version of Guantanamo. For, whenever it was hard for the Americans to interrogate Mujahideen in Pakistan and Afghanistan, those would be deported to Jordan where they are tortured in many ways. Brothers from the Arab Peninsula, Yemen, Chechnya, Iraq, Egypt, and other Arab countries are detained in that prison. Our Brother the Mujahid Abu Zubayda - may God liberate him from his imprisonment - is detained there. Jordan has become a main reference to every enemy of Islam, where the Mujahideen are being liquidated.

4. In Iraq as well, the conspiracy and trickery in penetrating the institutions and societies performed by the ?Jordanian Mossad? started there with a diplomatic cover from the Jordanian Embassy, through passports and identity cards that turned the Embassy into a nest for the Mossad who dream of the treasures of the land of the Al-Furat. God knows that, unlike all the Embassies and Consulates that were shut down prior to the Crusade on Iraq, the Jordanian Embassy has not stopped operating for one moment during the bombing of Baghdad and its fall.

5. Let us not forget the flock of Jordanian translators (agents) who keep an eye on every move, looking for Arab Mujahideen that cannot be detected by Americans. That, in addition to the fleet of Jordanian trucks transporting provisions, supplies and prefabricated homes for the American Army to use in their war on the Mujahideen.

Finally, war has its ups and downs, and times change. We anticipate extremely fierce battles with the Jordanian government…The future shall be fiercer and more bitter - with God?s permission - and God is always triumphant even though most people are not aware of that fact?.

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