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A Call for Renewed Attacks on U.S. Allies in Iraq: Italy, Spain, Britain, Japan, and Korea, in a Response to Zarqawi’s Recent Message Promoting Support and Unity
By SITE Institute
March 30, 2005

A hard-hitting online message posted on the Internet responded to the Zarqawi message of March 14, 2005, which addressed the brothers of al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, embraced al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, and invited their mujahideen to join those in Iraq. The posting gives outsiders a chilling look at the revitalized Al-Qaeda policy designed to defeat the enemy through heightened attacks against Italy, Spain, Britain, Japan, Korea and Iraq. The message discusses in detail the reasons for stepping up attacks on U.S. allies, which the poster asserts will erode support and severely drain the enemy?s economic resources. ?For now,? the message urges, ?take some of the small allies inside Iraq and Afghanistan. Later, go for the big ones: U.S., Britain, and Australia.? The author promotes the al-Qaeda belief that the growing anger of the American people will strengthen the opposition and eventually remove U.S. government leaders from power.

This approach by the mujahideen can increase the American?s losses and drain the U.S. economy - ?exactly what Sheikh Osama Bin Laden wanted.? Further, the posting paraphrases the Mujahid el-Zawahiri as saying that without Pakistan?s support, America could be defeated in Afghanistan. Ultimately, the message says, ?The American solider is essentially a weak soldier. The most difficult thing for Americans to handle is the failure of their soldiers, and it costs them a great deal financially and psychologically.?

To the mujahideen, they say: ?Do not negotiate with the Americans. Keep hurting them until you choke them. Do not negotiate while they are on our land; once we are on their land we can negotiate, Allah willing.?

A full translation of the statement is provided to our Intel Service members.

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