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Emir of Military Wing of al-Qaeda in Iraq Provides Detailed Information into Abu Ghraib Attack and Issues Congratulations to Those Involved
By SITE Institute
April 4, 2005

In an addendum to a prior communiqué asserting responsibility for Saturday?s attack on Abu Ghraib Prison, the emir (prince) of the Military Wing of al-Qaeda in Iraq [Tanzeem Qaedat al-Jihad Fi Bilad al-Rafidayn], Abu Asyed al-Iraqi, provides greater detail of the operation that included several suicide car bombings, and rocket and mortar bombardment of the prison walls.

According to the statement, strategists had the benefit of prison surveying photographs and ?inside intelligence information,? to which they opted to launch the battle at a ?suitable time to benefit from darkness and take the enemy by surprise.? At 6:10pm, the rockets fired and ?targets were hit and enemy had big losses.?

The operation included four phases, each attacking a corner tower of the prison. For instance, in the first phase ?against the southeastern corner, the attack was executed by two suicide car bombs… A group of 20 mujahid attacked the towers, silencing it (cutting off its communication) and climbed the prison walls.? This stage of attack was followed by scaling of the prison?s walls, in which ?three martyrs were killed [and] seven other martyrs killed after they detonated their suicide bombs.?

The message also states that greater than 15 vehicles were destroyed, tens of Americans killed, and ?[a]n Apache helicopter, which tried unsuccessfully to save the enemy, was shot down.?

Also, in a separate statement issued yesterday, al-Qaeda in Iraq congratulates the mujahideen for the Abu Ghraib prison attack. The message states: ?In a fierce night with bullet sounds and red lights, everyone was looking forward to the parade.?

A full translation of the two statements are provided to our Intel Service members.

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