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Online posting lauds the successful use of Stinger missiles by the mujahideen and describes how to employ them in attacks on planes and helicopters
By SITE Institute
April 4, 2005

A message board posting identifies the stinger missile as a useful weapon for the mujahideen and provides step-by-step instructions on how to use it most effectively in attacking the enemy. The posting includes missile specifications, such as length, diameter, weight, speed, height, and distance.

The author praises the mujahideen on successfully downing two helicopters: ?I would like to congratulate the brothers who shot down two helicopters in Iraq and Chechnya. The shooting down of helicopters by the mujahideen happens regularly, with the Grace of Allah.?

The instructions also convey to the reader the answers to typical questions asked about Stinger attacks. One common question relates to how to hit the target, which is described by this illustration. It shows details such as the position of the attacker, which could be ?a few kilometers away from the airport or on top of buildings. They would still have a good view of the target and security does not extend that far out.? The illustration shows the position of the missile on the soldier?s shoulder before the attack, and the ideal target on the airplane. It shows the location of the engines for targeting and lists six weapons, including the Stinger, with their maximum range and maximum altitude.

The writer explains the Stinger?s advantages. For example, they are light, weighing no more than 15 kg. And, although they can be fired from shoulder-height by one person, Stinger crews are usually two people.

Illustrations identify the sections of the Stinger missile and its important parts. The writer also notes the importance of knowing what to do with salvaged parts after an attack.

Use of the missile is demonstrated in photographs and text. For example, the instructions say that when the missile is ready for firing, the crew should aim the rocket mounted in the ejector at the target. When the Stinger closes in on the target, the weapon makes a special noise.

The writer describes the strategies used by the enemy to avoid a Stinger attack designed to down planes and helicopters. They include high-speed aerial maneuvers and discharging a hot decoy.

A full translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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