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Message from the Head of al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia Pledging Support to Zarqawi in Iraq
By SITE Institute
March 17, 2005

A 7.5 minute audio message, from Saleh al-?Oufi, the leader of al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, congratulates Zaraqawi and his group for their achievements and promises to assist the mujahideen?s struggle against the ?Jewish-Crusader war.? This message by al-Oufi seems to a response to the March 14, 2005 ?Statement from al-Qaeda in Iraq to the Brothers of al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia Promoting Support and Unity? that embraced al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia and invited their mujahideen to join those in Iraq.

The audio message, swearing allegiance to al-Zarqawi, states that: ?our necks are for you? and pledges to ?send you the fighters and the ?suiciders? whenever you need… We will let them know well enough the meaning of the word terror… and they will not find a meaning for it except that of the support and capability of this religion.?

Furthermore, Saleh al-?Oufi states he will not ?allow a place for the crusaders on the land of Mohammad? and to sabotage America? efforts to launch forces into Iraq from Saudi Arabian bases, he will instruct his mujahideen to ?attack what there is on its territory from soldiers, military vehicles, bases, planes and oil that belong to the crusaders to expand the tear so that it can be wider than the patch.? Also, al-Oufi praises the mujahideen in Kuwait saying: ?On this occasion, it did not pass me (to remember) to bless the Kuwaiti Lions who started to shake off the dust of shame from their weapons to support you.?

A full translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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