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Saleh al-Oufi, Emir of al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, Could Be Amongst Those Dead in Saudi Clashes with Militant Forces
By SITE Institute
April 6, 2005

A message posted on a jihadist message board, al-Islah, a website for The Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia (MIRA), headed by Saudi dissident and designated terrorist entity Dr. Saad al-Fagih, speculated that Saleh al-Oufi, emir (prince) of al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, could be amongst those dead in battles that concluded today between security forces and militants on the Saudi Arabian peninsula.

Corroborating with the Ministry of Interior statement of fourteen mujahideen dead, four injured, and one surrendered, the message states that ?there are some indications that one of the people killed could be Saleh al-Oufi.? The presence of a dead body with an amputated leg in a wheelchair led to speculation that the body was indeed that of alOufi, however, ?the body was completely burnt and it was impossible to be sure until after the DNA test that had taken place by the authorities.?

On March 17, 2005, Saleh al-Oufi issued an audio message pledging support and mujahideen to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Iraq, stating: ?our necks are for you… [and] we will send you the fighters and the ?suiciders? whenever you need.? In addition, in the same message, al-Oufi praised mujahideen in Kuwait and called for uprisings in other Gulf States, saying: ?We also salute our brothers in Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and the UAE and all jihad lions in the neighboring countries to Iraq.?

A full translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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