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Saudi Shootout Results in the Possible Killing of al-Oufi, al-Otaibi and 2 other Saudi Most Wanted
By SITE Institute
April 6, 2005

In light of recent reports suggesting that an ongoing raid in Saudi Arabia that began Sunday, April 3, 2005, has resulted in the death of four of the Saudi 26 Most Wanted, the SITE Institute has prepared a series of four brief biographical dossiers about the named individuals.

The leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabia Peninsula, Saleh al-Oufi, was one of the militants killed in the attack, according to the Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia (MIRA), headed by Saudi dissident and designated terrorist entity Dr. Saad al-Fagih. ?According to information available to the security services,? the statement reads, ?it is Saleh al-Oufi. But the body was burnt and it is not possible to be certain of his identity before a DNA analysis.? On March 17, 2005, al-Oufi released an audio tape, the transcript of which is attached, in which he pledges allegiance to the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

A second individual, Saud Hamood al-Otaibi, was a leading member of al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia. Otaibi was plunged into the forefront of al-Qaeda activities in November, 2004, when he released an audiotape, the transcript of which is attached, calling for Saudis to engage in Jihad across the globe
His remarks were unique, in that Saudi al-Qaeda leaders had traditionally asked for Saudis to fight in their own country. Officials are waiting on DNA testing before confirming his death.

Another of the three men allegedly killed in the shootout is Abdul-Rahman Mohammed Mohammed Yazji. His death has been confirmed by various Saudi sources to numerous media agencies. Little was known about Yazji, whose status was debated until confirmation of his death this week.

The final individual, Kareem al-Tohami al-Mojati, was allegedly involved in the 2003 al-Qaeda attacks in Casablanca, as well as the 2004 Madrid train bombings. As with Otaibi, officials are awaiting the results of DNA testing.

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