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Two Messages Reflect on the Recent Shootout between al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia and Saudi Security Forces
By SITE Institute
April 7, 2005

Two separate messages recently circulated on the internet reflect on the shootout between al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia and Saudi security forces that began Sunday, April 3, 2005. During the clash, several al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia members, including high ranking commanders Saleh al-Oufi and Saud al-Otaibi, were killed.

The first message questions the efforts and commitment of the Saudi mujahideen, who are criticized throughout the post. Meanwhile, the second message examines the difficult times in which the mujahideen are operating and pledges to continue fighting.

In the first message, the author blames all Saudis for not attacking the country?s oil industry: ?I repeat that the people of the Hijaz are to blame and they come very short of defending all the Muslims. Why didn?t they target even one oil pipe which is spread throughout the whole country for thousands of kilometers or the oil refineries, which is the most important factor for supplying the American military effort??

Criticizing the Saudi mujahideen and their security measures, the author says that the most recent battle with Saudi authorities ?does not take away from how backwards the Saudis are carrying out their jihad…the planning and weakness is very obvious in their operations and it is clear the surrounding of these mujahideen was the work of a spy.?

The wealth of the Saudis is also scrutinized: ?their financial capabilities allow them to do their duties in a better way because other Muslims don?t even get to eat their daily meals.?

The second message explains that the efforts of the Americans, referred to as devils, against the mujahideen are pointless: ?if the devils think that by killing a leader or two the battle is over they are foolish; how many people did the Islamic nation sacrifice during its fourteen centuries? The mujahideen have more blood to be shed.?

The message also focuses on the current situation of Muslims in Saudi Arabia, calling the current era ?strange times.? Clarifying that ?a strange time is when everybody is against mujahideen and the top people (scholars) in Islam consider them a group of insurgents,? the author promises to continue the struggle.

A full translation of the two messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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