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A flood of messages appear online urging Muslims to empower their people through boycotts
By SITE Institute
April 11, 2005

Recently, the number of postings on message boards and Web sites promoting boycotts of the goods of America and other Westerns countries essential to the success of jihad has increased. Many Jihadi message boards now have separate sections devoted to this matter. New Web sites have been launched to discuss the importance of this effort to winning on the economic front of jihad.

The SITE Institute selected three examples of the increasingly high profile propaganda effort to boycott foreign goods, from the al-Qaeda-affiliated, password-protected Web site.

In the first selected message, Abdullah Kadery al-Ahdal, Ph.D., a former professor at the Saudi Islamic University in Medina, exhorted the Muslim people to continue the boycott against the West everywhere, stating: ?Now, we call on you to boycott the Americans and the British anywhere you find their armies.? Explaining that in order to achieve the best results ?The Muslims and the Arabs should not collaborate with [those in the West]. [We] should not sell them anything that helps them to execute their attack. Oh, Muslim nations, that includes food and water and everything that helps them fight.?

In the second message, the al-Azhar University Professor Fouad Ali Mekheimer, Ph.D., answers the question: ?How can we boycott the foreign companies that work in the Arab countries and help create jobs for local labor?? Mekheimer first explains that ?some industrial countries trick our nations so they can use our raw materials and manufacturing equipment to produce cans or electrical products or any other product we need. Then they fool us by telling us that the local labor force is involved.?

Further, Mekheimer explains, ?Through this plan, they collect the Muslim money, which buys their products, and transfer the money to their countries, which have plenty. So, they better their economy, and the economy in the Muslim nations diminishes.? He believes that every Muslim should ?better his product so as to revive the economy. Also, Mekheimer said, ?It is a must that every Muslim - male or female - must be alert. They must buy local or Muslim goods, which are made of local raw materials and Muslim hands, so [the money comes] back to Muslims in any country. By [doing] that, you find the West loses; the Muslims prosper, and their standard of living is higher.?

The third selected message is titled ?60 New Methods to Boycott America and Its Allies? Goods.? Most point out ways to prevent Muslim money from migrating into Western pockets for education, goods, banking services, and travel expenses. Another suggests that Muslims ?form committees to ask schools or universities to urge students to hate buying American or British goods.? He recommends teaching the children ?how to recognize American goods and that they should boycott them. [Teach them why] we are boycotting these war criminals and exposing the pictures that show the destruction [our enemies] are causing.?

Other examples of methods in the message include ?show a preference for doing transactions with currencies other than U.S. dollars or sterling pounds.? Another priority is hiring non-U.S. workers: ?Those who have high positions in the big corporations should try to get rid of American employees and replace them [with workers of] other nationalities.?

Members of our Intel Service recieve full translations of the three communiqués.

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