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Unification of the "Mujahid Salafist" Group and "Attawhid Wal Jihad" Group
By SITE Institute
Published in: SITE Institute
May 17, 2004

According to a message posted on an Islamic website, a unification statement was signed on 24 Rabih Al Awwal, 1425 [May 13, 2003], between Abu Dajana Al Iraqi - Prince of the Salafist Mujahid Group - and Abu Mussab Al Zarqawi - Prince of Attawhid Wal Jihad.


Using quotes from the Quran, the statement announced that ?dispersion is a weakness, and unity over a commandment of the Law, is a duty and an obligation imposed by the circumstances. The people of the Jihad, and the knights of Islam are in greater need of it; for this reason, the Quran orders for unity and coalition under the shadows of the swords, and in the dust of the battles?...

?At this decisive historic turning point, this reality, brought the people of truth - we consider them as such - to rise above their own desires, step on the pleasures of the Earth, and undoubtedly answer the call. They were brought together by the clearness of the path, the lucidity of the vision, and the unity of the goals; for their base is Attawhid [unification], their path is Sunni Salafi, their way is the Jihad, and their aspirations are the consolidation of the Religion on the Earth, the contentment of God in the Heavens, and in the end, a Paradise of happiness?. For that, the heroes of the Mujahid Salafist Jamaa [group] and their brothers in Attawhid Wal Jihad, convened and embraced their hearts and souls, cordially united their ranks, and acknowledged Abu Mussab Al Zarqawi as their leader, under the group of Attawhid Wal Jihad. This merger is ?a strength for the people of Islam, and blazing flames for the enemies of God, where they shall burn until the retrieval of the stolen rights, and the establishment of God?s religion on the Earth. It is a ticket and an inducement for the groups and sects to rush for the fulfillment of this legitimate duty and factual necessity. We give our word the Islamic Nation that we shall not betray or retreat, and we shall keep our promise until we reach either one of two aspired outcomes: victory or martyrdom?.


Abu Dajana Al Iraqi, Prince of the Mujahid Salafist Jamaa

Abu Mussab Al Zarqawi, Prince of Attawhid Wal Jihad Group

24 Rabih Al Awwal 1425
May 13, 2004

NOTE: These materials may only be cited with attribution to the SITE Institute.

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