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Communique No. 8 Issued by Zarqawi's "Attawhid Wal Jihad Group" -- Military Department
By SITE Institute
Published in: SITE Institute
May 28, 2004

The Military Department of ?Attawhid Wal Jihad Group,? headed by Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, posted a communiqué on a Jihadi website, claiming responsibility for the assassination of the Brigadier General Abdul Jabbar Yusuf, undersecretary of the Minister of Interior in Baghdad. The communiqué also exhorts Muslims to unify in "facing this attack by the Crusaders and Jews" and "fervently pray for the destruction of America and its followers."

Below is the translation of a portion of communiqué.

NOTE: The following materials are for informational purposes only and may not be copied, reproduced, or transmitted without the explicit permission of the SITE Institute nor without specific attribution to the SITE Institute.

MAY 22, 2004

?Following the footsteps of his predecessors in marking the most wonderful heroic and redemption battles… another hero from the Death Battalion, one of your brothers in the ?Attawhid Wal Jihad? Group, struck the traitor apostate Brigadier General, undersecretary of the Minister of Interior: Abdul Jabbar Yusuf - a member of the Al Da?wa Al Islamiyyah Party [Islamic Da?wa] - in front of his home, as he was getting ready to leave for work. The martyr and hero brother, Ahmad Shami Abu Abdul Rahman from Al Qamishly city, attacked him with a car stuffed with explosives, and sent him to hell and the most miserable fate …

The Mujahideen were able to accomplish this increasing number of successful operations, at this specific time and at this level of efficiency and precision, using various and diversified means against such different targets... This exceeds its being simply part of a series of passing and continuing operations against the Crusader enemy and its allies, since its invasion of Iraq.

This type of operations is reputed for its destructive impact on the enemy?s soldiers? morals and spirits inside the country, and their families and people outside of it.
The way the Mujahideen control the timing of their operations is another proof of them possessing power and initiative. Thanks to God.

The above is an important indication of the hope that these blessed operations bring to the hearts. What gives us more hope is that the enemy acknowledges only a very few number of the Mujahideen?s continuing operations in comparison to the actual number. Those undeclared operations seem wasted in the injustice and darkness created by the international media that the enemy controls. They will be rewarded in Heaven, and their effect on Earth shall not be wasted either, with God?s will; I present my congratulations to all the heroes from the Mujahideen; those men are writing their Nation?s history with their blood, and with their skulls they are forming the glories of their religion. They refused to live in humiliation, and discarded the pleasures of the Earth - money, power, and luxury; instead, they sought from God what no eye has seen, nor ear has heard…

In addition to the security, military and economic indications, this operation carried a strong political message to Washington?s allies in its war and aggression on the Islamic Nation; the message to them was that they will not be spared forever by God revengeful hand firstly, nor by the Mujahideen?s [hand] after Him. They must understand that, should they continue this alliance, they had better be prepared to pay the price with their blood and interests. Those who have not understood the message to abandon their support of the occupation, and stop their interception of the Mujahideen, still have time to reconsider their positions before it is too late.

In the end: We call upon Muslims in the whole world to unify and join forces. We also call upon them to assume their full responsibilities in facing this attack by the Crusaders and the Jews. This attack?s main goal is to completely destroy Muslims, erase their ideology, and occupy their land to steal their wealth. Muslims throughout the world must realize that they are capable of doing something against this enemy. We should remove the ?victim?s complex? that followed us for more than a century. Those days are gone, and the years of wander and defeat that they enemy wanted us to live in, have been transformed, with God?s permission, to days of victory, dignity and power…

We urge our Muslim brothers everywhere to fervently pray for the destruction of America and its followers. May this destruction be a lesson for others to follow. We also urge them to pray for the victory of the Mujahideen. May God assist them and send His soldiers to help them defeat their enemy.

God is greater…
Glory to Him, to His Prophet, and to the Mujahideen...


The Military Department
Attawhid and Jihad Group
3 Rabih Al Thani 1425
May 22, 2004

Copyright © 2004 SITE Institute. All Rights Reserved.

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