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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Claims Responsibility for Attacks upon American and Iraqi Forces and CIA Officers and Release a Video of Mortar Fire at al-Bakr Base
By SITE Institute
May 9, 2005

Al-Qaeda in Iraq issued six separate statements during the weekend claiming responsibility for attacks against American and Iraqi forces from Saturday, May 7, 2005 through May 8. Three of the attacks occurred around Baghdad, while the others took place in the eastern region of Diyala, north of Baghdad, Talafar, and Mosul. Along with the statements, the organization released a 1:40 minute video depicting two militants firing mortars at the American al-Bakr base, north of Baghdad.

1. The first attack was carried out against an American patrol in al-Radwaniya near the Baghdad airport, and allegedly "resulted in the destruction of one humvee and the death of all passengers…two other vehicles were damaged after being overturned by the blast."

2. On the same day, members of the "Abi el-Yaman al-Madem brigade attacked a patrol of… [Iraqi] police…in the al-Zafaraniya area of Baghdad…[killing] two of the police, [injuring] another two, and [burning] one of the cars."

3. In the third communiqué, al-Qaeda in Iraq claim responsibility for bombing a police station of the Diyala brigade ?using mortar bombs". Somewhat ambiguous, the communiqué states that "there were losses of people and equipment.?

4. Attacks upon ?American intelligence cars [from the CIA]? are described in the fourth communiqué, where a car bombing in al-Tahrir Square resulted in ?three cars [in the] Bahbahan [area] were destroyed… [a]ll who were in them were killed.? Media reports indicate that 22 people were killed, including two Americans.

5. Multiple attacks in Talafar on Sunday, May 8, via ?explosive packages? that destroyed American tanks and armed vehicles. The fifth communiqué also describes an ambush of an Iraqi patrol car in which it was set ablaze and ?death to all of its occupancies.?

6. The sixth communiqué describes five separate operations in Mosul on Sunday, executed upon Iraqi police and the ?non-believers? guards? with suicide car bombs, explosives, and snipers. According to the message, the attacks killed a number of people and a suicide bombing in al-Wehda district ?killed not less than ten converters and burned two cars along with those who were in them….?

A full translation of the six messages and video clip are provided to our Intel Service members.

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