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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Responds to Reports of U.S. Forces Killing 75 Insurgents in al-Qaim and Issues Statement Concerning the American Media
By SITE Institute
May 10, 2005

In two separate statements recently issued to the Internet, al-Qaeda in Iraq question the validity of the American military?s claim yesterday, May 9, 2005, of killing 75 ?armed individuals? in battles in al-Qaim, northwestern Iraq near the Syrian border, and clarify the American media?s interpretations of events within Iraq.

Yesterday, in a military offensive in al-Qaim, where U.S. and Iraqi officials believe insurgents are entering to engage with the coalition, American troops are reported to have killed 75 militants within a 24-hour period. Responding to this, in the first communiqué, al-Qaeda in Iraq states: ?We are afflicted with lies… we report to you, our brothers in the unification, that our mujahideen in al-Qaim are well, enjoying the victory or martyrdom for the way of Allah.? Of the purported spurious claims, the group reiterates that ?lying is their belief.? Further, they assert that ?the Americans do not know where to come from and are unable to count their losses due to its large number.?

The second statement, responding to the ?crusader?s media,? elaborates upon an alleged skew in reporting, stating: ?they accuse our mujahideen of taking shelter behind other human beings… [and] the infidels are announcing that the foreign fighters [foreign mujahideen] are the ones who attack and that increasing in number is a threat.? Rather, the group claims that the real threat is from the burgeoning numbers of ?believers who seek martyrdom, racing to go to heaven and far away from hell.? Al-Qaeda in Iraq concludes with a promise to bring ?hell with boiling volcanoes? upon ?the enemies of Allah.?

A full translation of the two messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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