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Communique No. (11) Issued by Zarqawi's "Attawhid Wal Jihad Group" -- Military Department
By SITE Institute
Published in: SITE Institute
June 9, 2004

The Military Department of ?Attawhid Wal Jihad Group? headed by Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, posted a communiqué on a Jihadi website, claiming responsibility for the attack on Al Taji US military camp North of Baghdad.

The Communiqué stated that: ?...With a strong [stubborn] perseverance and a willpower that does not bend, two of your brothers from the ?Martyrs? Battalion? of ?Attawhid Wal Jihad Group? took off to destroy the US fortresses and those of their apostate allies. One of the patriotic heroes from this country headed towards a military camp of the American forces in the region of Al Taji, North of Baghdad. God rest his soul, he inflicted on them great human losses….

The other hero headed towards one of the quarters of the Army and Police forces who support Americans, and sold their religion, their honor and their land for a few Dirhams. It is useful to mention that this camp is considered a very important center for the recruitment and training of the police and military members, and is only a few meters away from the American camp…

Thanks and gratitude to God.

God is greater…

The Military Department
Attawhid and Jihad Group
18 Rabih Al Thani 1425
June 6, 2004

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