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Al-Qaeda in Algeria Entreats Militants to Reject Algerian Government's Amnesty
By SITE Institute
May 10, 2005

Al-Qaeda in Algeria issued a letter on May 8th, 2005 decrying any action by militants towards surrender to the Algerian government during the government's amnesty period, implemented by Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. The letter, written by Abu Soheib Miliani, describes a demoralized group "living in the mountain [and] in bad shape…[they]…are swinging between [accepting the Algerian government's offers of] forgiveness and humiliation or staying where they are". Despite demoralization of the movement, Miliani states that the "jihad in Algeria is ready…we are targeting the Jews and crusaders, individuals, embassies, and interests that are the enemy's…The [Islamic] nation is united in attacking them everywhere." They have "denounced any action which targets innocent civilians and all Algerian people"

Miliani extols the international jihadist front to remember "… the country which taught the world how to sacrifice" and not forsake the Algerian jihad movement. He further suggests that now is the time for al-Qaeda in Algeria to regroup as well as the time to grow. He writes that right now " is open for everyone who wants to in the field forming small cells… [however] They must show with every operation…. that they belong in a jihad organization in Algeria. They also must [arrange to] be covered by the media by sending videos of their operations to the station channels to publish or posting them on the internet."

Miliani finished his letter with a message "…to mujahid Sheikh Ali Ben Haj: the nation trusts you. You are the leader of the mujahideen….you can fix it [the jihad]…. The solution is that you disappear. It does not matter where… Hide where you can continue guiding and preaching through the statements and visual recording…The young men trust you, your leadership is very important, especially in creating sharia law…Thousands of people will follow, and Islam and Muslims will be glorious."

A full translation of the letter is provided to our Intel Service members.

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