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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Posts Five Messages Claiming Responsibility for Attacks and Disputing Western Media Claims
By SITE Institute
May 10, 2005

Al-Qaeda in Iraq posted five messages recently claiming responsibility for three attacks and disputing Western media allegations that coalition forces have achieved gains in combating al-Qaeda in Iraq.

The first communiqué reports that a roadside bomb was detonated in northern Baghdad ?and targeted a convoy of American cross worshippers. When it passed by, the package exploded and killed six infidel crusaders and a Humvee was destroyed and another one was disabled.?

The second message reports on the general tactics of the American forces and asks, ?was it not the Americans who shielded themselves with the boys and women in Al Fallujah and others?? The enemies of Allah are also threatened: ?We report to you, Allah?s enemies, that the danger, the whole danger is the increase in the unity people, the lovers of martyrdom, [and] the travelers to paradise.?

In the third message, al-Qaeda in Iraq recounts a successful battle near the town of al-Kaem, and the mujahideen ?showed the Americans the fear and terror, and destroyed them, so that the Americans bombed the houses of the helpless, and their fighter jets were still flying at a high altitude. And the American dead reached tens but not over one hundred during the past week.?

The fourth communiqué is a brief account of a suicide operation near Abi Nawas: ?a lion from the lions martyr?s brigades succeeded in a heroic attack on the police headquarters in Abi Nawas; he detonated a bomb and injured the allies of the Christians and the Jews.?

The fifth message, actually posted yesterday May 9, 2005, disputes the reported capture of Zarqawi lieutenant Ammar Adnan Mohammed Hamza Zubaidi, known as Abu Abbas. Al-Qaeda in Iraq denies ?the arrest of the assistant to our Sheikh al-Zarkawi, and most of those rumors have a reason, to cover their losses. The losses that they will taste are a different kind of loss and they will be tortured because of it.?

A full translation of the five messages are provided to our Intel Service members.

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