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Message Lauds the Murderer of Theo Van Gogh and Warns Others who Desecrate Islam
By SITE Institute
May 12, 2005

Scene from The Submission: Part 1

Theo Van Gogh

A message posted on the Tajdeed forum, a UK-based message board affiliated with Mohammed al-Massari, May 12, 2005, titled: ?A Picture Encourages You to Kill… The Captured Hero: The Moroccan; Only for those over 18 years of age,? congratulates Mohammed Bouyeri, the 26-year old Moroccan who murdered Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh in the morning of November 2, 2004. Van Gogh had released a film earlier in the year which depicted violence against women in Islamic societies; the image atop, provided in the message, is one such scene from the film, showing a Muslim woman in a transparent dress with Qur?anic script across her body.

The author of the message cites the killing as a ?heroic thing,? and justifies this label by dehumanizing Theo Van Gogh, ?the Dutch infidel director… that hurt the heavenly religion? as deserving of death ?like a fly.? Further, the message urges for praise and prayers to be directed toward Bouyeri, now incarcerated in a Dutch jail, and the ?mother who gave birth to this Moroccan because the Dutch infidel director deserved to be killed.?

Addressing others who seek to act as Van Gogh, who had ?hurt the heavenly religion,? the actions of Bouyeri are to provide ?a lesson to every dirty infidel because there are too many like this young man. Do not provoke those who will give his life for (killing you) with honor.?

A full translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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