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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Issues Statements Denouncing the Arrest of Imams and Updates from al-Qaim Operations, and Releases Video Depicting Bombings of a Humvee and Armored Personnel Carrier
By SITE Institute
May 13, 2005

Two statements issued today, May 13, 2005, al-Qaeda in Iraq through its official spokesman, Abu Maysara al-Iraqi, addresses the arrest of imams and describes their most recent operations in al-Qaim, western Iraqi near the Syrian border. Also, in a separate message posted to the Internet, al-Qaeda in Iraq provides a thirty second video clip depicting bombings on a Humvee and armored personnel carrier.

In the first statement, the group condemns Iraqi forces for their arrest of ?mosque imams and its worshippers,? stating that their ?tyranny has increased… you were not only content by coming to aid the Americans, and likens the actions to the ?time of the idol? when ?if you cannot find the mujahid, you take his relatives, his brothers, and his wife.? The message portends retribution for the ?cowardly acts? and further, promises that ?the war battlefields and the streets of death are not abset.?

Al-Qaeda in Iraq, in the second statement provides an updated account of their recent operations in al-Qaim today, stating: ?we received news today about killing dozens of infidels and injuring a number of others.? The group seems to continue to dispel the belief that their members are suffering from low morale, making note that the ?guards of belief and dignity… have increased their jihad and their faith… [and] are in very good shape.? Further, these mujahideen are ?racing to please their God… wishing to achieve their goals or to become martyrs while fighting the enemies of Allah.?

A full translation of both messages and video clip are provided to our Intel Service members.

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