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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Refutes Western Claims of 'the Weakening Mujahideen' and Accuses US Troops of Detonating Car Bombs and Falsely Accusing Militants
By SITE Institute
May 15, 2005

Al-Qaeda in Iraq issued a refutation on Saturday May 14th, 2005 of western claims ?about the weakening of the mujahideen [in Iraq]?. The organization claims that, despite Western statements that the mujahideen are ?weakened and stagnant? the militants are ?continuing until the day of final judgment?. The message states that ?the mujahideen did not weaken and did not become stagnant, but they are transforming with the prosperity of the almighty and the grace of their creature. They are enjoying the composure and the jihad and seeking martyrdom.?

The message finishes with a promise that ?Your brothers in al-Qaeda Organization in the Land of the Two Rivers are continuing in the path of Jihad for the sake of Allah on High… We are heading towards [one of two options]: Victory over the human race or return to Allah to be among the immortals?

Addtionally, Al-Qaeda in Iraq issued a statement accusing western troops of detonating car bombs and then falsely accusing militants for the ensuing carnage. The statement, written on Saturday May 14, 2005, asks readers ?what is our [Islamic militants interest in blowing up the suicide car bombs at the public places?? and continues on to claim ? the blood of Muslims is not cheap for us. Blood is cheap for the crusaders to be spilled in this way. More specifically one of the major reasons for the announcement of our jihad against the crusaders is to spare the blood of Muslims.?

The communiqué ends with a message from al-Qaeda in Iraq to Western forces: ?We remind the two worlds [Europe and America]: Our enemies are [you] the crusaders…How can we stop fighting while the [Iraqi] government is made by the crusaders and acts as the servant of Judaism??

A full translation of the statements are provided to our Intel Service members.

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