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Message from al-Qaeda in Iraq Calls Condoleeza Rice the “Crusader’s Ugly One” and Rebukes American Calls for the Sunnis to Participate in the Iraqi Constitution
By SITE Institute
May 16, 2005

A communiqué from al-Qaeda in Iraq criticizes Condoleeza Rice and American statements urging the Sunni people in Iraq to join the new constitution.

The communiqué, which refers to Ms. Rice as ?the crusader?s ugly one?, opened by stating: ?No welcome to (Condoleeza) Rice. No welcome to the crusader?s ugly one, who came to dirty the land of the caliphate.?

During her surprise trip to Iraq over the weekend, Rice criticized the lack of Sunni participation in the new government and expressed that they needed to include themselves in the new constitution: "What's really important here is that when they sit down to work on this constitution all Iraqis believe that their interests are going to be represented".

According to al-Qaeda in Iraq, ?the ugly one (Rice) wants to force the Sunni people to partake in the lifestyle of the converters.? Questioning the Sunni?s role in the upcoming constitution, the communiqué asks, ?how can the constitution be written by those who disbelieve in the book of Allah? Our Sunna says that between us and you, cross worshippers, is the sword and the bullets.?

A promise to continue fighting is given at the end of the message, ?your brothers in the al-Qaeda Organization continue in their struggle, and their fight with Allah?s enemies, so it?s either the victory or to Allah (paradise) with the eternals.?

A full translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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