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al-Qaeda Author Sends Warning to Tony Blair
By SITE Institute
May 16, 2005

A letter, written by Lewis Attiyatullah, a known al-Qaeda author, to the British Prime Minster, Tony Blair, "…warn[s] of an incoming huge and spectacular [event]". The five page letter, which was posted on an al-Qaeda affiliated message board, is titled: ?Yes, Blair, this is a historic war". The letter, addressed to the "clever and malicious" Tony Blair " a graduate of the international school of cunning and malice", references speeches made by both Blair and Henry Kissinger to state that Iraq represents the culmination of Western influence in Muslim nations. Attiyatullah writes that "…the meaning of their [American] defeat in Iraq? It means their loss to all that they [the West] have achieved during five centuries…"

Attiyatullah promises that "…we say with all confidence, that the worst of the incoming [attacks] hasn?t happened yet, and that the West will pay a high price for all the crimes they committed against the Muslims during and before this century" He continues on scold Blair for his engagement in Iraq, stating "When you invaded Iraq, you thought that it would be a picnic, [now you] find out today that in Falujah, Baquba, Ramadi… that [the mujahideen] are the victorious… What is happening in Falujah today is not a usual thing, but it is a serious turnover in the struggle with West."

The letter draws a distinction between the actions of the mujahideen in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Attiyatullah writes "what is happening in Iraq is not a fight for stability and international political interests like what happened in the eighties in Afghanistan. But…the mujahideen push upon the infidels [Americans and American Allies]…and push them hard…With the confession of the West itself, that [their problems] start from the mujahideen themselves, and not [from] computations of interests and stabilities, there is no better proof [that the fight in Iraq is different than the fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan]…"

Attiyatullah proposes a reason for the apparent weakening of the mujahideen, namely "… They did not confront America when it was in a hurry or a sudden attack when it was coming two days before from overseas…they did not confront America when it was isolated and without logistical, moral or a fifth rank supporting it…But they faced the Americans after they settled…And after America ensured financial, morale and political support and the cooperation of all traitor counties in the area, and after it insured the support of long lines of traitors inside and outside of Iraq…This means that America ensured that it killed the fighters, and cutoff access, not only the access to logistic support or weapons, but even [access to] the media and information…So this situation is a real strangulation [for the mujahideen], much tougher than [that of] our brothers in Palestine…" However, despite their apparent weaknesses, Attiyatullah asks "how could all the traitors and heretics think that we were finished, when in reality we are increasing in growth and strength?"

The letter ends by telling readers to "Believe Blair and believe Kissinger [who said that a defeat of America is the defeat of the West]…believe them when they say that it is a historic war…They have lied; victory is for us with the help and power of Allah!!"

A full translation of the letter is provided to our Intel Service members.

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