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SITE Publications
Guide for Observing the Strong and Weak Points of the Enemy’s Forces
By SITE Institute
May 16, 2005

A message posted to the Tajdeed message board, a UK-based forum affiliated with Mohammad al-Massari, titled: ?The Observation and the Specification of Strong Points of the enemy Forces, and the Weak Points,? is written as a detailed guide for observation missions of enemy forces. The author recommends intelligence gathering missions targeting military and personnel buildings of the ?idols soldiers? and officers? living quarters for analysis of an enemy?s strengths and weakness, and provides instructions and suggestions for these operations.

All sites where military and intelligence branches are located are recommended as vital to the observation process, and are to be undertaken by groups of people, each individual assigned a particular task. For example, in observing the officers? quarters, according to the guide: ?the observations happen in stages [with the involvement] of many brothers: each one observes the target… [and] the appointed brothers for the location meet and write a detailed report about what they saw.? The author suggests keeping close watch over the number of people entering and exiting, and lists several tasks that should be carried out by multiple individuals, including: ?how many cars exit… how many seats are in the car… watching the video… The opinion of every brother in the cell is necessary to collect the extract of the search and for writing a report about the location.? No task is to be piecemeal; rather they are to be implemented concurrently, ?so the massiveness materializes at the time of the surprise.?

Further, to ?clean up of the land from the idols,? the author also provides some insight into ambushes, citing that the ?simplest and most effective? is the type utlized by insurgency groups in Iraq. For targeting convoys, the guide instructs: ?It needs five people per convoy and the explosives should be in a chain as long as the convoy length; if it is short, you can use the rest as a gift for a support convoy.?

A full translation of the guide is provided to our Intel Service members.

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