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Al-Qaeda's "Center for Islamic Studies and Research" Warns Muslims About Information Leakages and Calls for the Use of Denial and Deception Technique
By SITE Institute
May 17, 2005

A past lecture authored by al-Qaeda?s research center, ?The Center for Islamic Studies and Research?, also known as al-Neda, has been re-posted to the internet. The message directs Muslims not to "spread any information about the mujahideen which the enemy could benefit from." According to the Center, "It is well known that… America…is making a huge effort to collect information about the jihad and mujahideen from everywhere…the enemy has designated special organizations to analyze information, make links between the [pieces of information], and make conclusions out of [the information]." Thus, "Any Muslim who supports jihad and the mujahideen should not spread any information about the mujahideen…The most dangerous information is information which mentions the names of the mujahideen, times, places, numbers of mujahideen, amounts of supplies and weaponry, and ways of communication."

In several places throughout the lecture, the author alludes to the use of "prevention security", better known in the military as a Denial and Deception campaign of providing false information to the enemy. This technique " intended to spread false information to mislead the enemy…" The author entreats readers to understand that "The mujahideen know which information to say, which to keep, and what false information to spread to fool the enemy…They know what they are doing, and they have information channels that they can use to spread any information they want to spread... War is not an information race…"

The Center describes American intelligence picking "up information that the mujahideen are about to execute a large operation, but the information does not say when or where this operation is….then the enemy picks up another piece of information which talks about selling a certain quantity of military weaponry and ammunition from a specific place…Then, the enemy picks up another piece of information pointing out the movement of a number of mujahideen to the mountains surrounding a certain city…Once they get all this information collected in one center, they analyze it in detail using a preexisting database. They tie all of the messages together and can come up with what the mujahideen intend to do…"

He finishes by asking civilian Muslims to "…let the mujahideen manage the information war as they let them manage the military war…"

A full translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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