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A Statement from the Iraqi Resistance Regarding the “Defeat of the American Enemy and Their Obvious Losses in al-Qaim”
By SITE Institute
May 19, 2005

A group calling themselves ?the Headquarters of the Iraqi Resistance? issued a statement Monday, May 16, 2005, ?regarding the defeat of the American enemy and their obvious losses in al-Qaim.? The bulk of the eight segment message revolves around the U.S. military offensive in Rommana on May 15, 2005, in which upwards of 70 militants were killed. The second and third segments of the statement claim that "the enemy…installed a bridge in the area of al-Abeini to prevent our fighters from crossing the river…A fierce battle for more than seven hours erupted…It resulted in big losses for the enemy…[and] the destruction of four armed vehicles and the killing of their crews, in addition to the killing of fifteen American soldiers…". The statement refers to a second battle in Rommana, saying "we drew the enemy to…Rommana…A fierce battle started there, where the enemy lost three vehicles, burnt with the crews, in addition to some soldiers…" The statement alleges that "The enemy [Americans] targeted the living areas… al-Karabla…[this] resulted in the demolition of 8 houses and some commercial stores, in addition to burning of civilian cars."

The message concludes with a proclamation "…repeating our invitation to the American administration to…keep what is left of their forces and start their speedy retreat from Iraq… [They can] choose to retreat and freeing all the prisoners and compensate the Iraqi people for the damages resulting from the blockages and the oppression of the occupation as well as the destruction of the Iraqi arm and national security system. They can also resolve the militia and other national demands… This is the better choice, which the Bush administration can take, and [which will] return some…credibility and to keep some of little of what is left of the American people and the world?s trust….?

A full translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members

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