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Political Arena: Kuwait Women Gain Victory, Sisters in Saudi Arabia Still Waiting
By SITE Institute
May 20, 2005

Earlier this week, the Kuwaiti parliament granted women the rights to vote and run in elections. According to news reports, young women and men danced and cheered outside of parliament while passing drivers hooted horns in support.
The reaction to this news on conservative jihadist messageboards was mixed, with members expressing the following sentiments:

?As the Kuwaiti women fell in the social, educational, and religious level, this has lead to a moral disaster in the following ways:
1. Increase in drug abuse discourse in the public
2. An increase in the number of gay individuals, who are called the third sex. Studies prove that one of the main reasons for this is that mothers are ignoring the upbringing of their children, as they are busy themselves. This has lead to moral problems and too many children were repeatedly abused by house workers. When the children grow up, they are used to this, and decide that it is a normal way to parent.
3. Too many paper attack the Muslim religion without any opposition. Some of them are against the religion, and some convert to Christianity openly. Conversion to Christianity is discussed in Muslim centers. They have come to the conclusion that [this conversion] goes back to the broken families that you find in so many houses.
Our expectation for the future is that Saudi Arabia will be the next stop.?
At the same time, some posters called the vote " …a dashing victory…in the political life in the country…In all Kuwait there was joy because of this achievement, which is considered one of the most important reforms that took place in Kuwait…The only one left is the Saudi woman, who is [sic] waiting to get the right in the coming elections…Congratulations to all our sisters in Kuwait, and looking forward to our women and daughters in the [Saudi] Kingdom."

A translation of the exchange is provided to our Intel Service members.

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