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A Brief Analysis of the Points of al-Zarqawi’s Message
By SITE Institute
May 23, 2005

A message posted to an al-Qaeda affiliated forum, titled: ?A Brief Analysis of the Points of al-Zarqawi?s Message,? delineates six points about what the author finds most important from the speech, allegedly delivered by al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, which was issued to the Internet May 18, 2005 and translated by the SITE Institute.

First and foremost, in interpreting the speech, the author believes Zarqawi to be well and his overarching purpose is ?to disclose a message which assures his followers in Iraq, and [assures] those that those who seek to weaken the backbone of al-mujahideen will fail.? This follows into the second point, where Zarqawi is ?motivating the eagerness of those who are not taking part in jihad there to rise for the defense of their honor.? The author feels that through this message, Zarqawi is trying to increase the percentage of mujahideen amongst the Muslim people, ?since there are the first confronters of oppression.?

Third, the author notes that Zarqawi?s ?voice staggered when he was complaining to Allah of the oppression of the mujahideen by the government,? and believes the al-Qaeda in Iraq leader has tapped into the ?disappointment of the nation.? The fourth point enters the crux of Zarqawi?s speech, which was to use a scholarly and religious basis to justify the murder of civilian Muslims, by citing ?al-Qaeda is not a group of the hurt or the enthusiastic, but it acts accordingly within the shari?a laws.? The leadership, according to the message, does not rely solely upon a militaristic foundation; rather, it possesses ?ideological, dogmatic, and militaristic? dimensions.

Next, moving outside of the message itself, the author maintains a direct relationship between the alleged high quality of the audio editing and ?the reality of the existence of solid land for the mujahideen in Iraq, enabling them to produce such an audio recording.? Further, this ?thorough editing and mixing… indicates that al-Qaeda Organization possesses a distinct logistic support under the auspices of the guerilla warfare.?

Returning to the speech?s meaning, in the sixth point, the author believes that Zarqawi depends ?a lot upon the young Muslim men that come to Iraq, and stirs up all their energies,? and sees Iraq as the locus of the nation of Islam. Zarqawi is supposedly calling on Muslims,? emigrating with their faith to there to build the Muslim society and fulfill his needs of physicians, engineers, workers, craftsmen, farmers, etc.?

Finally, the author praises Zarqawi?s leadership, as ?he is fighting in a very difficult condition, but he is always optimistic and he is patient in striking… he is talking with Islamic dignity….? Zarqawi?s relation to Muslims and his method of speaking to them is analogized by the author, as ?he talks to his nation as a child talking to his mother… By Allah, I love al-Zarqawi.?

A full translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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