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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Claims Responsibility for the Murder of Maj. Gen. Wael al-Rubaie, Mortar Attacks in Mosul Accompanied With a Video, Issues Statement Concerning Attacks on Muslim Houses in Abu Ghraib and Denies Capture of a Leader
By SITE Institute
May 23, 2005

In a series of communiqués and a 2 minute video, al-Qaeda in Iraq, claims responsibility for today?s assassination of Majoral General Wael al-Rubaie and his driver, bombings in Mosul, also today, and responds to ?crusaders? attack upon Muslim homes in Abu Ghraib and claims that a leader of the group had been captured.

The group?s message detailing the assassination of Maj. Gen. Wael al-Rubaie, states that he was killed ?while he was going to work in the center of Baghdad Also today, as described in the second communiqué and video, the Military Wing of al-Qaeda in Iraq struck an American base in Mosul, north of Baghdad, with 82mm mortars.

According to media reports, yesterday, in an offensive named Operation Squeeze Play, American and Iraqi forces detained over 300 suspected insurgents in the Abu Ghraib district of Baghdad. Al-Qaeda in Iraq responded to these reports stating: ?the crusaders are attacking and breaking into the peaceful houses in the area of Abu Ghraib… They cannot face people of right, but they run away and hurt the weak Muslims.? The message threatens retaliation and portends that ?you will not succeed in what you are doing, and you will not escape Allah?s punishment….?

In another communiqué, al-Qaeda in Iraq also denies the arrest of one of its leaders, and considers it as ?a desperate try of Americans attempting to keep up the morale of its loosing army.?

A full translation of all the statements and 2 minute video clip are provided to our Intel Service members.

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