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A Statement from the Shari’a Council of al-Qaeda in Iraq Regarding the Drafting of the Iraqi Constitution
By SITE Institute
May 24, 2005

In a statement issued from the Shari?a Council of al-Qaeda in Iraq, titled: ?Killing the disbelief that disputes Allah in the writing of the constitution,? the group expounds on the fundamentalist view of democracy that manmade constitutions are forbidden ?[t]here is no other authority but the Qur'an, which has the right of legislation in the land.? This message follows a speech allegedly voiced by al-Qaeda in Iraq leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, which was titled: ?The Grandchildren of al-Alkami is Coming Back.?

According to the Shari?a Council, the Americans and those ?falsely relating to the Sunnah? have been urging the Sunni people of Iraq to have greater participation in the drafting of the constitution, and ?the abjuration and the endorsement about what opposes the Shari?a and contradicts the unification is no secret.? The statement then articulates ?facts,? which Muslims are to recall in regards to the Shari?a, including the notion of ?Islam as a complete religion? and the ?way in the composition of the constitution means a non-belief in the stipulation of Allah, and entering into the obedience of the devil?s advocates.? Those Muslims who do seek participation in the government?s formation and the laws to be obeyed throughout the land are deemed ?strayed scholars,? reviled as those ?who misleads the people with his Fatwahs and teaching, is the devil himself.?

Drafting the Iraqi constitution, then, ?expels its maker from Islam,? and as the Council believes, ?gets him into circle of the infidels? converters, at which he made himself a partner with Allah in the legitimizing.? Also, the group addresses the notion of the Sunnis that ?their rights will be marginalized and lost? if they opt not to participate, stating: ?We all know that the Iraqi constitution was determined in Washington, with the hands of the Jewish demons, and whether you participated or not, the matter is determined for the welfare of the Jewish passion. We remember very well how [Lt. Paul] Bremmer force the governing members in affirming the nation's administrative law.?

Concluding the statement, the Shari?a Council of al-Qaeda in Iraq warns that they refuse to accept any constitution ratified ?which contradicts Allah?s law,? and ?there is nothing between us and the people of the consitiions except the sword, whether they were Shi?a or Sunnah pretenders.?

A full translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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