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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Claims Responsibility for Spate of Attacks Today Throughout Iraq, in Diyala, Haditha, al-Dawra, Talafar, and Baghdad
By SITE Institute
May 25, 2005

In a series of six separate communiqués, al-Qaeda in Iraq claims responsibility for several attacks today, May 25, 2005, throughout Iraq, targeting American and Iraqi forces, and members of a Shi?a brigade:

  1. In the area of al-Miqdadiyah in Diyala, north of Baghdad, the group ?murdered four members of al-Ghadr and the disbelief ?Badr? organization.?
  2. The second communiqué highlights attacks in Haditha, northwest of Baghdad, between ?the crusaders and their followers from the Shiite guard.? The message states that the coalition ?will never achieve victory, as long as the Tawhid (oneness of God) is in the soul, and sacrifices are made in its sake.?
  3. Also today, a car bomb was detonated in al-Dawra, which according to al-Qaeda in Iraq?s communiqué, was set upon ?a convoy of Quick Intervention Forces, which supports the Jews and the Christians.? According to the message, they ?do not know about their losses.?
  4. Confrontations between al-Qaeda in Iraq members and the Shi?a in Talafar are described in the fourth communiqué, resulting in ?killing vast numbers of them (Shi?a)? In addition, an ambush of Iraqi police in Hasankwi is described, where a patrol car was burnt. According to the message, the occupants of the car ?fled the same way their masters, the Americans, do….?
  5. An explosive package today was detonated upon an American convoy in al-Miqdadiyah district of Diyali. Concerning the casualties, the message states that ?their losses were not known.?
  6. Finally, the sixth communiqué describes a car bombing in the al-Sayedeya area of Bagdad, on a ?convoy of crusaders while they were passing….? Media reports indicate that three U.S. soldiers died as a result of the bombing.

A full translation of the six messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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