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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Publishes Photographs of Americans Purportedly Killed in Battle North of Baghdad, and Claims Responsibility for a Battle with American Forces in al-Sayedia
By SITE Institute
May 25, 2005

Al-Qaeda in Iraq [Tanzeem Qaedat al-Jihad Fi Bilad al-Rafidayn] issued two additional statements to the Internet this afternoon, May 25, 2005, publishing photographs of American soldiers who were allegedly killed in battle north of Baghdad, and claiming responsibility for a different battle with the American forces in the al-Sayedia area, south of Baghdad, including a suicide operation as part of the attack.

The first statement describes an attack launched upon an American convoy north of Baghdad that ?lasted one complete hour, resulting in the enemy?s losses; they could not take their dead soldiers, which were scattered, nor his burnt vehicles.? The message does not indicate the exact location of the battle, and as of this writing, the news media has not reported any attacks north of the capital. The members of al-Qaeda in Iraq involved in the battle allege to have found pictures on the bodies of the dead ?of the soldiers who were killed in the battle? and published them to the Internet as part of this statement.

In the second communiqué, the group provides details of a battle with American forces in al-Sayedia area, south of Baghdad. The message alleges that ?the crusaders (Americans) surrounded a house where five brothers live, which led to a confrontation between the brothers and these infidels.? The ensuing confrontation, which claimed the lives of three mujahideen, ?urged a lion of the suicide brigade to go through to the surrounding ring (of troops) and kill some of them.? According to media reports, an Iraqi civilian was killed and seven others were wounded in a suicide bombing in al-Sayedia that targeted a U.S. military convoy in the area.

The author claims that the message was being prepared as the battle was still being waged: ?their vehicles were still on fire and the confrontation was still ongoing at the time of this report…their medical helicopters rushed away to carry the dead and wounded people from the scene.?

A full translation of both messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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