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Additional Reactions from Jihadist Forums Concerning Zarqawi’s Injury
By SITE Institute
May 25, 2005

The SITE Institute translated additional reactions of the jihadist forum community, which believes the report from the Information Section of al-Qaeda in Iraq that the group?s leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, is injured to be authentic, and quickly dismisses claims that seek to discredit the statement. This discussion that believes that Zarqawi is injured, includes thoughts by members on the mortality of their leader, how Zarqawi is an ?exception from the rest of the mujahideen,? and the Islamic dogma that drives their struggle forward despite the inevitable loss of Zarqawi.

This particular forum begins with a discussion of the enlightening effects that the news of Zarqawi?s injury has wrought, in a message titled: ?Al-Zarqawi Had Passed Away.? The author of the first message posting believes that Zarqawi ?dies and lives, he gets healthy and gets sick, he feels joy and becomes sad - so don?t rip your clothes, and don?t slap your faces become of the injury of our Sheikh, but get up and die for what he wanted to die for.? Using the incident to shame Muslims who didn?t wholly support the insurgency, the poster writes that: ?You abandoned him, you the lazy folks, and you let him down by yourselves and your money… You deserted the jihad and the support of the jihad….? Still further, the author insists that Muslims should ?rise to the Land of the Two Rivers (Iraq) and struggle for the way of Allah… and redeem the Sheikh of Islam with your money and your soul.?

A member replying to this message lavishes praise upon the author for his writing, and likens Zarqawi to Usama bin Laden for their ?martyrdom desire,? and avers that ?it (martyrdom) is the highest wish of the mujahideen for the cause of Allah, so to the brothers in Allah, don?t please the enemy.? Another member joins the majority view of accepting Zarqawi?s injury and prays for his health, while stating that ?the right thing and the manifest truth? is to ?love who he loved and hate who he hated.? The author, like the poster who opened the discourse, believes that: ?there are many deeds the believer can present to his brothers the mujahideen to support them as if he is with them in the battlefield.?

Finally, another member who prays for ?Allah to prolong his (Zarqawi?s) life for the infuriation of the enemies,? draws attention to the title of the message that it is a ?falsification? and was misleading. The first poster clarifies, paraphrasing the words of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq when Mohammad has died, that: ?he who worshiped Mohammad, Mohammed has died, and he who worshiped Allah, then Allah is alive and never dies. This means that despite the death of the Prophet, Islam shall live on and as the author believes, such is ?the law of the war, and the language of enthusiasm and the reasoning.?

A full translation of the forum postings is provided to our Intel Service members.

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