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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Denies Capture of Zarqawi Aide, Claims Responsibility for A Suicide Bombing in Baghdad and Fighting in Haditha and Talafar, and Warns Sunnis in Baghdad about the Iraqi Government’s Declared Attack with 40,000 Troops
By SITE Institute
May 26, 2005

In five separate statements issued to the Internet today, May 26, 2005, al-Qaeda in Iraq denies reports that a secretary of al-Qaeda in Iraq leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was captured, claims responsibility for attacks today targeting coalition forces throughout Iraq, and warns the Sunni people of Baghdad about the Iraqi government?s declaration to deploy security forces to circle Baghdad in a bid to cease insurgent violence:

  1. In the first message, the group denies the capture of an alleged Zarqawi secretary, reported by the media as Agha Omar of Diyala, stating: ?we announce to the whole world that in the ladder of al-Qaeda Organization there are no secretaries, at all.? Al-Qaeda in Iraq believes the ?lie? to be a means to ?discourage the mujahideen,? and conclude that ?Jihad will continue until judgment day.?
  2. A ?martyrdom operation? today targeting an Iraqi police patrol in al-Amiriya area of Baghdad is described in the second statement. Concerning the casualties, the message indicates that ?only the enemies of Allah were hit;? however, media reports say that three people were killed and two injured in the blast.
  3. Also today, the third communiqué highlights ?fighting the battles of honor and victory with the converters and their masters, the crusaders,? in Haditha, al-Anbar province. Members of al-Qaeda in Iraq ?prepared the sundry ambushes and the traps? for the ?coming of the vice guards… [that] have hit the enemies of Allah, and hurt them.?
  4. Addressing the announcement from ?two tails from the tails of the cross-worshippers… that they will deploy 40,000 converted cowards in Baghdad,? the fourth message seeks to ?warn the Sunni people… [that] the grandchildren of Ibn al-Alkami [are] tryiong to get the Sunni, and [make] the Sunni people slackened and defeated.?
  5. The Military Wing of al-Qaeda in Iraq, in the fifth communiqué, describes combat with coalition forces in Talafar, where the insurgents allege to ?destroying the evil?s strongholds, hurting the converters, and they have hit a number of them.?

A full translation of the five messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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