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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Issues Statement Concerning the Brussels Convention, Names an Iraqi Ministry of Interior Official Who Has Purportedly Hurt the Sunnis, Comments on Operation Lightning, and Claims Responsibility for Attacks in al-Ramadi
By SITE Institute
June 4, 2005

In four separate statements issued to the Internet today, June 4, 2005, al-Qaeda in Iraq through its official spokesman, Abu Maysara al-Iraqi, reacts to the Brussels Convention, announces that Amar al-Hakim, an official in the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, is allegedly responsible for the ?torture and killing? of Sunnis, deprecates Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jafaari and ?Operation Lightning,? and claims responsibility for several attacks in al-Ramadi, west of Baghdad, yesterday.

In the first statement, al-Qaeda in Iraq reacts to the ?meeting in Brussels for their (crusaders?) convention treaty to protect the cross and the dignity of the crusaders that is wallowed by the mujahideen in the soul of the Land of Two Rivers (Iraq).? This seems to be in reference to the convention in Brussels for the ratification of the treaty for the European Union. The message claims that the dispute over the treaty is taking place while ?American does not care that the people had left it, has been facing the jihad alone and it fighting the Muslims.? Further, the group elaborates as America is ?facing one defeat after another,? the insurgent fights have been successful, causing the coalition soldiers to have ?faced the mortal blows that broke their backs and to ruin and destroy their lies.?

The second statement announces that Amar al-Hakim, ?the First (Main) person in the Ministry of Interior, the supporter of Jews and Christians,? is purportedly responsible the torture and killing of Sunni Muslims following the over 500 arrests made in Abu Ghraib, last week. There is an indication that Al-Hakim is threatened, whereas the message states: ?It is about time that the wisdom (gets to him) after he was associated with idolatry and vice.? In addition to the claims of murder, al-Qaeda in Iraq condemns those ?who supported the Jews and Christians,? stating that: ?Our religion had taught us that the blasphemous (people) don?t deserve to stay alive since the death is his destiny until the land will be cleansed from the punishment of his idolatry, his animosity and his trespassing.

In the third communiqué, the group disparages ?Operation Lightning? by saying that ?the mirage of their lightning did not light (anything) for them but left them in darkness where they can?t see.? Operation Lightning was an Iraqi-led counterinsurgency effort consisting of over 40, 000 Iraqi troops executed in Baghdad this past week. Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jafaari, the message alleges, ?failed to satisfy his masters,? and further, ?is living (the results) of the false lightning (operation).?

The fourth communiqué describes several attacks upon American and Iraqi forces in al-Ramadi yesterday. According to the message, the ?Abu Maria Battalion? detonated explosives to destroy Humvee vehicles, fired mortars upon the headquartes of the American eighth brigade, and ?blew up an explosive device and injured four infidels on the main road to Ramadi.?

A full translation of the four messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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