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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Issues Statement Denying Capture of High Ranked Official, Condemn the Arrest of More than One Thousand Sunni, and Claims Responsibility for Bombings in Baghdad and al-Dawra
By SITE Institute
June 6, 2005

In four separate communiqués issued to the Internet today, June 6, 2005, al-Qaeda in Iraq, through its official spokesman, Abu Maysara al-Iraqi, denies the capture of a high ranking official within its organization, condemns the arrest of over one thousand Sunnis, and claims responsibility for a suicide bombing today in Baghdad, and the detonation of an explosive package on two Humvees, yesterday.

The first statement refutes the arrest of a high ranking al-Qaeda in Iraq official, stating ?this is a mere lie,? and accuse the ?bad people and their media? of fabricating the captured?s status and have ?abandoned the word ?al-Zarqawi assistant,? they started now by saying a new title: ?the high ranked official.?? According to media reports, two men affiliated with al-Qaeda in Iraq were captured in Mosul, Saturday: Motleq Mahmoud Motleq Abdullah, a close aide to the Mosul-brach chief, Abu Talha, and Mullah Mehdi, an al-Zarqawi deputy.

Addressing the arrest of over one-thousand Sunnis in Iraq, the second communiqué condemns the operation and claims ?they did no offense but love Allah, His messenger and his companions and they say No God, but God, and if you say that to the Shi?ites, they are upset and become angry and vicious.? However, at the same time, the message indicates that these arrests were ?good news? for the Sunnis, as they may ?hate more the wrong things and the soldiers of the devil, and the supporters of the crusaders.?

The third communiqué describes a suicide bombing operation today at Iraqi base of Operation Lightning, on the expressway towards al-Bayaa, southern Baghad. According to the message, ?When the Shi?ites gathered in one of the base areas at eight-thirty, he attacked them and some of them were killed, thanks be unto Allah.? The group alleges that more than ?35 converters? were killed. The news media report that 2 Iraqi commandos were killed and four others were wounded, in this operation.

A bombing operation is described in the fourth communiqué, where the ?Abu Bakr Brigade? detonated an explosive package upon an American convoy passing on the road of al-Dawra, south of Baghdad, yesterday. The message alleges that one Humvee was destroyed, and another, damaged.

A full translation of the four messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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