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Ansar al-Sunnah Claims Responsibility for the Murder of a Member of al-Wifaq al-Wathani al-Iraqi Party, Attacks upon Iraqi Forces in Baquba and a Convoy of the Habhab District Manager, and Killing 50 Iraqi Guards Returning from Jordan
By SITE Institute
June 6, 2005

Ansar al-Sunnah, issued four separate communiqués claiming responsibility for the assassination today of a member of al-Wifar al-Wathani al-Iraqi party in Mosul and a bombing operation in Baquba, and for attacks yesterday targeting the Habhab district manager of Dyali governate and killing of over 50 Iraqi guards returning from training in Jordan.

The first communiqué, posted today, highlights the murder of ?the personal responsible in the party of al-Wifaq al-Wathani al-Iraqi who is siding with the crusaders? in the district of Talafar, in the city of al-Mosul. As of this writing, the murder has not been reported by the media.

The second communiqué describes a bombing operation today in Baquba upon a ?convoy of crusaders? forces,? which resulted in the destruction of a Humvee. According to the message, ?all who were in it were killed….?

A bombing operation upon ?the convoy of one of the heads of the converters… the manager of Habhab district,? is described in the third communiqué, which was posted yesterday. The message alleges that the target was ?serious injured,? and threatens that the manager should ?announce your repentance, otherwise, next time you will not survive.?

The fourth communiqué, dated Sunday June 5, 2005, describes an attack in Anbar province, upon two buses coming from Jordan, which carried over 50 Iraqi guards returning from military training. Ansar al-Sunnah, ?after they got information? concerning the buses, ?swore to fight them, so they would be victorious or they would be martyrs,? and launched RPG rockets, and fired machine guns at the vehicles. The message alleges that ?the buses were badly burnt and more than fifty of the non-believers? guards were transformed into burned body parts. None of them survived.? Further, the group threatens the Shi?a Muslims, stating: ?the blood of our brothers, the mujahideen whom you killed and imprisoned, is very dear. It will not go astray, we swear by Allah, you will not find [anything] but killing and slaying in the coming days between us.?

A full translation of the four messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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