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Al Battar Issue No. 13
By SITE Institute
Published in: Al Battar
July 23, 2004

The thirteenth issue of al-Qaeda?s online training manual, Al-Battar, instructs readers on how to hold a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) and target with it properly. The manual provides all the needed instructions for utilizing an RPG and includes diagrams. The magazine also issues a warning to Muslims not to work for non-Muslims or be near them, as it will provide for their safety and ?infuriate? non-Muslims.

Also in the issue is a eulogy for Abdel-Aziz Al-Muqrin (aka Abu Hajer), al-Qaeda?s previous top commander in the Saudi Arabian peninsula. Al-Muqrin was killed by Saudi security forces in June, after he had killed Paul Johnson and deposited his body. The magazine includes an editorial which criticizes the Saudi regime for acquiescing to the ?blasphemers? and for ?harassing? individuals in their search for one of the beheaded hostages, whom they term an ?infidel.?

Below is a translation of selected portions of Al-Battar Issue No. 13.

NOTE: The following materials are for informational purposes only and may not be copied, reproduced, or transmitted without the explicit permission of the SITE Institute nor without specific attribution to the SITE Institute.

Al Battar Magazine
Issue No. 13

Abu Hajer?s eulogy:

The brave hero, the lion leader, Abu Hajer Adul Aziz Bin Issa Al Muqrin [leader of Al Qaeda militants in Saudi Arabia killed on June 18] is gone. He participated in sowing the first seeds of this camp [Al Battar Camp]. He left after he showed the Nation the way to its salvation from the enemies that are surrounding it from all sides, and are corrupting the world and the religion.
Abu Hajer is gone, leaving behind him for our use, an encyclopedia of his military trainings and golden advice. He is gone after having trained an immense number of Muslim youths in Afghanistan, Algeria, Bosnia, Somalia and lately in the Arab Peninsula. Those young men will follow in his footsteps.

Abu Hajer is gone, after having destroyed the enemies and having taught the Nation how to abide by the principles and seek martyrdom in every location and battlefield. He defended Islam and the wounded Islamic Nation. God rest your soul, and rest your predecessor Yussuf Al Ayyiri. Congratulations to you both for your martyrdom for the sake of God. May we follow you unchanged.


In the editorial the writer criticizes and attacks Saudis ?…for having mobilized their forces and soldiers in their search of a miserable Infidel, and harassed people in their homes and in the streets, exhausting them with inspections and interrogations. The entire society was transformed into suspects responsible for locating the blaspheming Infidel. When he was slain, they shouted and condemned the disfiguration of the image of Islam, as they claimed. They ignored to mention that they have deviated from Islam, humiliating, defaming, and desecrating it daily with their deeds everywhere. In their search for the corpse of the Blasphemer, they exhausted and terrorized people in their homes. Praised be God for exposing them at all times, and allowing for incidents to happen, in the hope to awaken the sleepy and resuscitate the dead from those who are still hesitant to disown those statues.

If we were to list all the instances where Al Saud have shown love and loyalty to the Blasphemers, their humiliation of Muslims and committing crimes against them, it would be a very tiring task. Had their apostasy not been proven, the Prophet?s description of apostates, prayer and peace upon him, when he said, ?They kill the people of Islam and invite the pagans?, would apply to them. However, they have exceeded by far the stage of killing the people of Islam, and can no longer seek protection from God.

One of the things that turned against Al Saud was their publishing the pictures of the four Martyrs, Abu Hajer and his comrades, in their media. Those pictures were smiling and radiant and honoring to many Muslims. The light emanating from them will be a lesson to the people of reason and vision. Verses and vows do not help non-believers. May God, the inspirer of the Book, runner of the clouds, and defeater of the parties, defeat them and triumph us over them.?

Warning to Muslims against approaching Blasphemers and Oppressors

Sheikh Amer Bin Abdullah Al Amer wrote: ?Thank God who commanded that we stay away from those who are not part of our denomination, for He established a distinction between the hypocrite and the good. I pledge that there is no other God, that He has no partners, and that Mohammad is His slave and Prophet. God sent Mohammad so that His righteousness prevail on the entire Religion. Prayer on him, his companions, and his followers, he used Religion to provide guidance against delusion, and distinguish between the right and the wrong, the Believers and the Blasphemers, and between God?s followers and His enemies.

The forgiving Shari?a commands to avoid the Blasphemers, to not visit them or seek their company, live or sit with them, or approve of their actions…Let it be known that, by keeping away from the Blasphemers and not dealing with them, the safety of your world and your Religion is guaranteed. Following are the reasons why you should separate yourselves from the Blasphemers: 1) The separation will infuriate them. 2) It will allow for mercy to fall upon you. 3) Your world and Religion stem from Abraham?s denomination, which we were ordered to follow. 4) You are safe from punishment if it is inflicted upon the world.

Those amongst you, who are working for our enemies the Blasphemers, beware. Leave them for the safety of your Religion first, and your own safety, in case the Jihad people target those blaspheming companies, enemies of the Muslims and collaborators in the war against Islam. We warn you against approaching the Blasphemers in this area, or else you shall receive their fate. Al Qaeda already issued a warning stating that it will target companies that are run by the Blasphemers; in particular, the airline and oil companies will be targeted.

Whoever lives with polytheists becomes one of them… Seek the company of Believers only, and give your food only to the devout… God above said: If the souls were combined in marriage, you must repent to God and keep away from the Blasphemers. You can prove your repentance by performing a good deed that will bring you closer to God. Know that the greatest deed that will raise you in God?s eyes is to watch the Blasphemers, and do all you can to seize control of them.

Muslims, you must be very cautious of the devil?s games. Do not allow yourselves to go after the pleasures of the world at the expense of your Religion. Beware of false advice that allows you to work for the Blasphemers, whether in their countries or in the Muslims? countries. The blaspheming companies, or those run by Blasphemers are forbidden in the Arab Peninsula. Prayer and peace be upon our Prophet Mohammad, his companions and followers.?

R.P.G -7 [Rocket Propelled Grenade - 7]:

For the third issue in a row, the section dedicated to operating weapons has focused on the R.P.G.

In this issue, there are instructions on five shooting positions with an R.P.G -7: Standing, kneeling, lying down, from foxholes, and from behind trees or from corners of buildings.

1. Standing position: The weapon must be firmly fixed on the right shoulder. Keep the right hand on the front handle, and the left hand on the back handle. If the propeller has one handle, the left hand goes under the right hand (similar to a gun grip).

The legs must be kept apart to support and distribute the weight, as the weapon does not have retraction. Regular shooting procedures from any gun are applicable.

2. Kneeling Position: The weapon is held the say way as in the ?standing position?. The only difference is that the Shooter is kneeling on his right knee, with his left leg bent half a step forward and resting on the heel.

3. Lying down position: With the body lying down on the ground, the weapon is held the same way, on the right shoulder. The ammunition should remain nearby. The shooter must leave a 45-degree angle in the back of the weapon to avoid the back flame. In this position, the shooter rests on his elbows. If available, another support base could be used.

4. From Foxholes:
a. Be in a ?standing position?.
b. Bend your body forward, with the elbows against the foxhole edge.
c. Make sure the front opening of the weapon is at least 20 cm above the foxhole?s cover in front of you.
d. Make sure there are no hard objects behind the back of the weapon.

5. From behind trees or buildings? walls? corners:
a. Take a suitable position behind the object [tree or building corner].
b. The distance between the front opening of the weapon and the wall or the tree is more than 20 cm. This is to prevent the projectile from touching the object.

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