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Information Department of al-Qaeda in Iraq Responds to the Iraqi Government’s Claim that They Can “Wipe Out the Jihad,” but Prefer a Slow Death for the Insurgency
By SITE Institute
June 8, 2005

Today, June 8, 2005, the Information Department al-Qaeda in Iraq issued a statement to the Internet responding to claims made by Laith Kuba, the spokesman for Iraqi Prime Minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, that the Iraqi government?s forces ?can wipe out the jihad and put off its lights, but they want the slow death.?

Abu Maysara al-Iraqi, the groups official spokesman, both disparages Operation Lightning, a 40,000 Iraqi soldier cordon around Baghdad, and lauds the group?s accomplishments during the operation, such as shooting down ?2 helicopters in Dyali and 4 helicopters in Talafar? and the death allegedly wreaked upon American and Iraqi forces ?on the very day of your lightning force mirage.? The message claims that purported violence against the Sunni Muslims is ?increasing their hatred of the al-Alkamis (Shiites), the servants of the crusaders,? and further, states: ?groups of young Sunni men are flocking in and pledging alliance to fight enemies of Alah and support the right thing and its people after the lightning showed its bankrtupcy.?

This message serves as yet another example of how closely al-Qaeda in Iraq, and other insurgency groups, monitor media reports and statements from government officials, and the speed with which they prepare and issue a counter-statement.

A full translation of the statement is provided to our Intel Service members.

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