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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Claims Responsibility for Several Attacks within the Past 24 Hours Against American and Iraqi Forces
By SITE Institute
June 9, 2005

Al-Qaeda in Iraq [Tanzeem Qaedat al-Jihad Fi Bilad al-Rafidayn] issued 5 separate communiqués today, June 9, 2005, claiming responsibility for myriad attacks within the past 24 hours upon American and Iraqi forces throughout Iraq:

  1. The first communiqué describes a bombing today in Samarra, north of Baghdad, targeting a ?converted police station that supports the Jews and Christians….? The results of the explosion are unknown.
  2. Also today, as highlighted in the second communiqué, a suicide bombing operation struck an ?infidel guard (national guard) patrol? in al-Zeidan, west of Baghdad. According to the message ?some cars were destroyed and others were damaged and a number of them were hurt.?
  3. The third message describes the detonation of an explosive package yesterday, June 8, on an American convoy in al-Zafaranya, south of Baghdad, and states: ?A Humvee was destroyed and another one was damaged….?
  4. In Abu Ghraib yesterday, as the fourth communiqué alleges, Iraqi police and guards were fired upon by snipers at a control point on the expressway. The message states that ?not less than four were killed.
  5. The fifth communiqué details an attack on Iraqi police near al-Amerya, west of Baghday, yesterday, in which members allege to have chased a police car, and ?opened fire with the BKA and showered the car with bullets; three of them were killed….?

A full translation of the five messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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