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Message from the spouse of a martyr to the widow of Paul Johnson
By SITE Institute
Published in: Sawt al-Jihad, (Voice of Jihad) - Issue 21
July 28, 2004

The latest issue of Al Qaeda?s bi-weekly Internet magazine, Sawt al-Jihad, (Voice of Jihad), Issue 21, contains a letter allegedly written by the spouse of a ?martyr in the Arab peninsula? to the widow of Paul Johnson, the Lockheed Martin employee recently beheaded by terrorists in Saudi Arabia. The message expresses rage that sympathy was shown around the world to the Johnson family following his execution, declaring Johnson ?one of the top criminals? for his involvement in the design and construction of Apache helicopters. The letter concludes, ?Tell your government…from the land of Islam.?

Message addressed to the spouse of the infidel Paul Johnson From the spouse of a martyr in the Arab Peninsula

Source: Sout Al Jihad magazine - Issue 21 Al Qaeda Publication

I heard that you appeared on television, acting innocent, and in all insolence wondering about your husband?s crime. I believe that, in fact, he was one of the top criminals, even if he was not viewed as such in your blaspheming tradition, where criminals are considered innocent, and the innocent who defend their rights are considered criminals.

What was the purpose of your husband?s work on the Apache helicopters? Did you think that those planes fly over Afghanistan, Palestine, and Iraq to give away roses and candy to our children there? I bet you do know that they drop missiles and bombs over their heads, turning their streets and their homes into ash, with their burnt bodies lying on top.

Do you consider his work decent and him innocent when he worked on this type of planes? Are you aware that my husband was killed before my eyes, and in his own country?

Are you aware that those who killed him were security men hired to protect the colonialists and terrify and kill the local Muslims? The whole world spoke and was shaken when your husband was held hostage, but nobody said half as much when, three years ago and until this day, America - the country of justice and freedom - detained over 600 Muslims in Cuba. This is in addition to Muslim prisoners in Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and other countries. Let it be known that our brothers who are being detained in your prisons, and those who your husband burned with his plane, are not alone. There are hearts that beat with love for them, just as you showed that you love your deceased husband and more. Muslim blood is more precious to us than the Ka?aba (the Muslim sacred stone in Mecca), whereas your husband?s is that of a dog, for he was a blaspheming polytheist. Do you know that we are still at the beginning, and that we have not done anything yet regarding Muslims? bloodshed and my husband?s wasted blood? Mountains of bodies of his fellow countrymen will follow your husband?s, until they leave the land of our Prophet, prayer and peace upon him, in humiliation. How can you speak of your damned husband?s innocence, when you hear the Mujahideen?s warnings to leave our land? It is forbidden to you. You have muffed your ears with your fingers and went far into your sins. Such is your punishment. May you shed tears mixed with blood, just as we have from you planes and your soldiers.

Surely you did not care when my husband was killed, or perhaps you didn?t know. Even if you did know, you were probably happy because he got killed before he reached your husband and his people!! My consolation is that the Mujahideen were able to reach their goal with precision and slay your husband. I swear to God that I was extremely happy that day, for the true terrorist was killed, after having sucked the blood of our Muslim children. I don?t know if you are aware that we hate you, Blasphemers. We hate you to the bone. How could we not hate you, when we are in your gratitude, even in our own country? How many of our planes have flown in search of your husband throughout his detention? How much negotiating with the Mujahideen brothers was done, even by the so-called clerics, in an effort to release your husband?

As for my husband, we were denied prayer on him, even after his death. His body was not delivered to us for burial. We rely on God to triumph over those who were unfair to us in order to please you and your peers. No one said a word about my husband, although they all knew he was a good man. They fear their Goddess, America. Tell your government who claims to be in charge of us that something good is coming out of what it is doing to the Mujahid youth. If you kill them, you send them to Heaven, through the shortest path, God willing. If you keep them alive, because you were not able to defeat them, is good too, as they will fight you and drive the Blasphemers away from the land of Islam.

Written by: A martyr?s mother [Um al-Shahid]

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