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A Week in Memorium of Abu Hajer, Former Leader of al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, Announced on Jihadist Message Boards
By SITE Institute
June 10, 2005

(Abdulaziz al-Muqrin AKA Abu Hajer, with his children)

The Global Islamic Media Group, an al-Qaeda mouthpiece group, announced this week to be ?Abu Hajer?s Week.? Abu Hajer, nee Abdulaziz Issa Abdul-Mohsin al-Muqrin, was the former leader of al-Qaeda Organization in Saudi Arabia, previously number one on Saudi Arabia?s 26 most wanted list, and was responsible for the beheading of Paul Johnson, an American employee of Lockheed-Martin killed in Saudi Arabia in June last year. Abu Hajer was killed in a shootout with Saudi security forces on June 18, 2004 while depositing Johnson?s body in Riyadh.

The announcement contains a detailed biography of Abu Hajer, starting with his birth in Saudi Arabia in 1971. The biography describes his life as a mujahideen, from the point he left high school ?because he joined the Arab mujahideen in Afghanistan,? through his ?extensive training in (Wal) camp near the Afghan city of Khost? and subsequent combat in Algeria. Abu Hajer also fought in Bosnia and al-Harsak, Yemen, Somalia, and Afghanistan, where ?he joined a group of Saudi young men to fight with Taliban forces against the American army who decided to invade Afghanistan and eliminate the Taliban regime after September 11th happenings.? Before his murder of Paul Johnson, Hajer ?started to shine in the media especially after the armed operations which targeted lives of foreigners in the kingdom, especially Americans and British,? and he became the leader of ?al-Qaeda Organization in the Arab Island (Saudi Arabia).?

In response to designating a week in memoriam of Abu Hajer, a member of one of the jihadist forums on which this message was posted takes issue, believing that Abu Hajer would prefer the Muslims to ?stick to the shari?a riles, by knowing the true thing and work for jihad on our enemies, the devils and crusaders as to kill them and spill their blood like rivers in the Arab Island and other occupied Muslim lands by devils.?

A full translation of the announcement and message posting are provided to our Intel Service members.

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