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Online Magazine Publishes "Road to Iraq" Guide for the Prospective Mujahid
By SITE Institute
June 13, 2005

Jihadweb online magazine recently published a two-step guide entitled: "This is the Road to Iraq," which provides instructions for prospective jihadists intent on entering Iraq. The first half of the guide concentrates on mental and physical preparation for jihad, while the second half furnishes suggestions for successfully entering Iraq and cultivating contacts with an insurgent group.

In the first half of the guide, the writer admonishes prospective mujahideen to "make a good and helpful soldier out of yourself" before attempting to enter the jihad. The author not only emphasizes that "physical fitness is the most important thing a mujahideen needs on the fields of battle", but also states "…the mujahideen are really our leaders and we are their subordinates. Be sure to obey them without discarding your personality…[make your goal] complete obedience…Never say that you do not do suicide work, or that you have special conditions in which you can only do a certain work, or that you want to engage the enemy directly without taking watch or night shifts."

After providing guidelines through which a potential mujahideen should mentally prepare himself for battle, the author supplies information on how to reach Iraq and the mujahideen. He states that " Salafist jihadists are in most of the Arab countries…most of these have good relations with the mujahideen groups in Iraq and, through these groups, hundreds of thousands have reached the land of the two rivers." Meanwhile, the author urges readers to be cautious, warning that "…getting near some of them may lead to you getting persecuted. Try to get in touch with them in a very secret way…."

Once the potential mujahid is ready to enter Iraq, the author suggests entering into Iraq "…via the Syrian lands." He notes that while "There is a saying that the Syrian regime turns their face [away] from the mujahideen who take secret roads" Syrian authorities are nonetheless "…complicating things at the entry and exit front, so make your entry to Syria via Turkey, or for a good reason. Your parents should know the reason [by which you are professing to enter Syria]… and it is good if you have your passport with an entry via to Turkey, so you can pretend that you?re in transit to Turkey." One a further note, he suggests that potential insurgents "wear jeans and eat donuts and use a walkman which has a tape of any singer" in order to appear westernized, and thus less of a threat.

A full translation of the publication is provided to our Intel Service members.

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