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Ansar al-Sunnah Claims Responsibility for Attacks upon American and Iraqi Forces in Dahook, Kirkuk, Kanaan, and al-Karma
By SITE Institute
June 14, 2005

In four separate communiqués issued to the Internet today, June 14, 2005, Ansar al-Sunnah claims responsibility for attacks targeting American and Iraqi forces in the Dahook governorate of Kurdistan province, north of Baghdad, Kirkuk, Kanaan, south of Baquba in Dyali governorate, and al-Karma.

According to the first communiqué, mujahideen from Mosul snuck unto Dahook today and planted two explosive packages in an operation to assassinate the new governor, but ?he changed his normal route so he escaped death.? Rather, the group ?decided to target a converted security official who was passing by the same place? and detonated the first explosive. Thinking the explosion missed the intended target, the second bomb was detonated on a group the ?security force.? The message indicates that there were eight people either killed or injured.

The second communiqué highlights a suicide operation today upon a group of Iraqi National Guards in queue for their paychecks outside a bank in Kirkuk. The message states that ?a suicidcal brother detonated his explosive belt in the middle of the gathering. More than fifty converters were killed and the rest were seriously injured.? Media reports indicate that 22 people were killed and more than 80 wounded. The message concluded with a threat, stating: ?We will target you if you wear a uniform or civilian clothes; whether you are in your barracks or when you receive your salaries which you sold your religion for. More than that, we will kill in your beds with your women and children, may Allah be witness.

Also today, the third message details an attack in the area of Kanaan, south of Baquba, which targeted a checkpoint of the Iraqi National Guards. Subsequent to firing mortars at the check point, when police came to transfer the wounded from the site, Ansar al-Sunnah detonated a car bomb, which ?resulted in burning two police cars and their casualties in this operation were more than fifteen killed and many were injured.?

The fourth communiqué describes an attack on an American military convoy in al-Karma, west of Baghdad. A Humvee was destroyed, and the message alleges that ?all five crusader soldiers who were in it were killed.?

A full translation of the four messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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