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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Issues Statement Denouncing Media Reports that Tribes’ Sheikhs in Mosul Will “Deliver the Mujahideen” and Four New Statements
By SITE Institute
June 14, 2005

In a statement issued today, al-Qaeda in Iraq through its official spokesman, Abu Maysara al-Iraqi, refutes claims by the ?people of filth and lies? that tribal Sheikhs in Mosul will ?deliver the mujahideen and help the crusaders and the converters.?

The group makes a distinction between two types of Sheikhs: those who cannot control their tribe or themselves, and those ?collaborating with the mujahideen.? Further, the group threatens that a Sheikh who aligns himself with ?with the crusaders and helps them,? will incur the ?judgment of Allah… and they will be executed.?

Additionally, al-Qaeda in Iraq posted four communiqués to the internet on Tuesday June 14, 2005 regarding operations carried out in Iraq over the past few days.

The first message recounts a ?blessed attack, which was executed by our brothers on the al-Zeeb division barracks in the Rassafat area of Baghdad.? According to the communiqué, a suicide bomber ?entered a well guarded [compound and] chose one of the officer?s rooms…He went in the door to avenge his brother, whom the Minister of the Interior had jailed. All of the officers were killed as they were in an enclosed room. About 10 soldiers and officers outside of the room [were also killed].?

The second communiqué is a eulogy for a mujahid, Sheikh Falluja: ?Allah has a timing for everything, we lost Sheikh Falluja. He said the truth. He pronounced his love to jihad and the Sheikhs of jihad. He did not want to sit aside.?

The next message claims responsibility for a sniper attack on American forces near the al-Karma region: ?the snipers group of Muhammad Qassem Brigade in the area of al-Karma on Saturday, Jumada al-Ula 7, 1426, June 14, 2005, sniped a crusader. The crusader dropped dead, thanks be to Allah.?

The fourth message describes an operation carried out by the Muhammad Qassem Brigade in which they ?detonated an explosive package on three American infantry soldiers, two were killed and the third was injured. The mujahideen saw him with his hand cut, thanks be to Allah.?

A full translation of all these messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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