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Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia Claims Responsibility for the Attack on Qassim Airport on May 28, 2005
By SITE Institute
June 15, 2005

Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia released a statement claiming responsibility for an attack May 28 , 2005 at the Qassim Airport in Saudi Arabia, burning three helicopters, which was carried out by the Saudi al-Otaibi Brigade.

The statement indicates that the mujahideen planted a ?flammable substance? in three cougar helicopters, which was subsequently ignited causing them to burn. As the message alleges, following the al-Ras battle at the beginning of April, ?the devils thought that they finished the mujahideen,? and stored the helicopters in Qassim Airport hangars. The attack at Qassim Airport was planned to coincide with the Seventh Annual GCC Consultative meeting in Riyadh, while Saudi Arabia ?prepared to fight terrorism.? The group states that this operation ?did not cost more than one-hundred and thirty one riyal [and] this is for the sitting people to know that victory is not by number of people or by sophisticated gear, but it comes from Allah.?

Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia states that this message?s intent was ?to show people how the devils wanted to blacken the reality,? and bring to light the Saudi ?defeat and dishonor.? They allege that fingerprints were left on the site of the attack, and the fire to all three helicopters could not be accidental on account of the ?precautions… taken to put each plane at a certain distance from the others, so just in case some accidental fire, the others planes are not hurt??

A full translation of the message is provided to our Intel Service members.

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