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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Claims Responsibility for Attacks upon American and Iraqi Forces in Talafar, and Provides Video of Bombing a Humvee in al-Yusifia
By SITE Institute
June 16, 2005

In three separate communiqués issued today, June 16, 2005, al-Qaeda in Iraq claims responsibility for several attacks in Talafar both yesterday and today, targeting American and Iraqi forces. Also, yesterday, the group published a 1 minute video depicting a bombing of a Humvee in al-Yusifia, south of Baghdad.

The first communiqué broadcasts the ?good news from Talafar,? which alleges that today, over 50 soldiers from the Iraqi National Guard fled from confrontation in Talafar, ?as they were taught by their big devil Saddam, so they cannot face the mujahideen.? The message purports thatafter heavy casualties and loss of geat, ?the fear was planted in their minds.?

Also today in Talafar, the second message highlights the detonation of an explosive package of an American tank, which allegedly destroyed the vehicle completely. The communiqué also describes 3 additional bombing operations, targeting two armored vehicles, and a ?Brazilian-made car? used by the Iraqi National Guard. According to the message, : ?all who were in it [the car] were killed….?

The third communiqué lists continued attacks in Talafar, executed both today and yesterday, targeting Iraqi National Guards and American soldiers. An American thank was ?completely destroyed and its wreckage is still there? today in the area of Hasnkoy on Alna Khwa Street, and two more explosive packages were used to destroy an ?American mine detector? in al-Qasiya district and a National Guard truck, Wednesday.

The video clip and a full translation of the three messages are provided to our Intel Service members.

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