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Al-Qaeda in Iraq Issues Warning to al-Jazeera Channel and Claims Responsibility for Bombing in Ramadi, Baghdad, and Fallujah
By SITE Institute
June 16, 2005

Al-Qaeda in Iraq through its official spokesman, Abu Maysara al-Iraqi, in a second wave of communiqués, warns al-Jazeera channel about ?making the mujahideen look bad,? and claims responsibility for a suicide bombing today in al-Ramadi targeting an American military convoy, a dual car boming in al-Azamya district of Baghdad, and the bombing of the American headquarters in Fallujah, yesterday.

The first message, warning al-Jazeera, alleges that the satellite channel favors and tries to satisfy the American and Iraqi governments, and is the ?voice of Americans and not the mujahideen, as is.? The statement also questions this intent, asking if it is ?massacring the picture of the mujahideen and trying to put them down.?

A suicide bombing targeting an American military convoy today in Ramadi, west of Baghdad, is highlighted in the second communiqué, which alleges that ?two of their vehicles were destroyed and not less than 10 of their people were killed….? Media reports indicate that a roadside bomb in Ramadi today claimed the lives of 5 American Marines.

The third communiqué describes a dual car bombing operation in the area of Soleikh, near al-Azamya, a district of Baghdad. The message states that ?not less than 15 converted people were killed….?

A mortar attack yesterday upon the American headquarters in Fallujah is described in the fourth communiqué, where the message alleges that the bombs ?hit the target.?

A full translation of the four messages is provided to our Intel Service members.

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